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KeepSolid Product Review

KeepSolid is a suite of programs that are aimed at business professionals and those who spend a great deal of time using the web to conduct their business. These products are intended to enhance the security and safety of your online business dealings, make it easier and more convenient for you to conduct that business and have the tools that you need to accomplish business tasks. Below is an in-depth review of KeepSolid, including what products and services are being offered and how they stack up against the competition.

Virtual Private Networks

KeepSolid offers both Business VPN and VPN Unlimited. Both of these have their advantages and disadvantages, with the business VPN obviously being geared towards more professional use. For those not familiar with the virtual private network, it is a way for all of the Internet traffic that you send out or receive having to go through a sort of filter where data is encrypted and where it is almost impossible for hackers to get to the information that you are working with.

As the name might give away, the unlimited VPN service allows you to have secure access to an unlimited amount of data including streaming video all through the virtual private network so that every single byte that you send or receive is protected – without any limits. The business VPN service is not unlimited, but there are some additional features that are good for those who are using it for business purposes. The unlimited VPN service is available on every mobile platform you can imagine as well as Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems

KeepSolid Sign

KeepSolid also offers KeepSolid Sign, which is a service that allows you to legally and safely sign documents over the Internet. This is an extremely fast and completely secure tool that allows you to sign documents from anywhere, and from any device that you want. It is available on Android, Apple and Windows operating systems, as well as from any standard web browser. This service also offers a fourteen-day trial.

Productivity Software

KeepSolid also offers some of the best productivity software out there. For example, the to-do list application that is available for Apple devices is simply one of the most streamlined and convenient ways to keep track of your daily tasks. The company also offers their Roadmap Planner for Apple as well.

Privacy Protection

If you want further privacy protection, or if you don’t need a full VPN service, then you might want to take advantage of some of the options available like photo transfer over Wi-Fi, completely private Internet browsing and a Wi-Fi hotspot protector.


The bottom line is that KeepSolid offers some of the best software out there for business, and has an incredible reputation for giving professionals the tools that they need and protecting them against every eventuality. Whether you want full-scale protection or you just need a single service, KeepSolid has you covered, no matter how you access information or which devices you use.