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How To Make Office Moving Smooth?

How To Make Office Moving Smooth?
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Moving to a new office? We can help you. Office moving is different from moving to a new home. An office is full of furniture, heavy electronics, stationery items, and maybe some decoration pieces. Relocating all that stuff might not be an easy process. Movers in Boston can make things easier and smoother. Here is everything you need to know: 

Label Your Furniture

Before you pack the furniture, make sure you start putting tags on every piece of furniture. This would make it easy to pack them into boxes later on. Also, you may start putting labels if they are “fragile” or “disassemble” and other relevant stickers. 

If your office has IKEA furniture, you may want to disassemble them and put them in boxes. That would make the move much easier. For packing, get sturdy boxes and use old boxes for light stuff.  

Hire A Moving Company

Another important step that you should take is to choose a hiring company. Do that at least 4-6 weeks before the move. Sometimes the movers are booked out for a whole month, and it might be too late. 

Make sure you have done complete research on the movers before picking them. Read the testimonials, check on forums, and get a suggestion for your nearest and dearest. Get a written quote from them after you send them a complete list of items to be moved, the date and time of the move, and the address of the old and the new place. 

They would also require a complete description of the building and the number of stairs or floors they need to cover.  

Get The Keys Ready

building access
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If your new office runs on access cards, prepare them for your employees. That would help them be ready and keep essential or non-essential stuff whenever possible. In case your new building has keys, get an extra set of copies made for all your subordinates. 

This would smoothen the process and provide flexibility to your employees. They might have some items they want to carry themselves and do not want to be moved in bulk in the truck. 

Get Back-Up Data

All your data must be backed up on hard drives. The main reason is that you will have to disconnect all your electronics and computers. There is a possibility that if you don’t save your work, your work might be lost. Imagine tons of data and progress lost within a few seconds. 

Get a dedicated hard drive for each computer and get all your data backed up. You may ask your employees to do so instead of you taking responsibility for the data.  

Know The Rules of The Building

Every new building you move to might have new rules and regulations that movers and other people need while moving. It is crucial to go through all the details of the new office building. Maybe you would need a special request to operate the lift in the off-hours. 

Get all the details from the building management at least two weeks before so that you are not met with new surprises on the day of the move. Make sure you know how many stairs there are, how big the entrance is, and other details the movers need.  

Move The Special Items

Let your employees know that if they have some expensive items in the office, those things should be moved by them. The moving company will not move anything expensive like jewelry or money. 

Also, if you have certain items of sentimental value, it is better to move them yourself. There are chances things might get broken or misplaced in the move.

Let The employees Decide

Notify employees
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There are two ways to include your employees. One is to get a special moving team and let the team decide how to take care of the packing and the move. Another way is to let every employee take care of their desk. That means they do their own packing and get everything ready for the move.  

Update The Address

It is critical to change the address of your office weeks before the move. You would have to submit a request to change the address. You will have moved and made things easier until the process gets approved. 

When you relocate your office, you have a lot on your mind, and such small things are simply forgotten. However, you receive important posts and parcels to the office, and updating the address is crucial.  

Take Care of The Tech

If your company is a tech company or has a lot of computers, you need to take care of the tech. Before the move, ensure all the electronic devices are disconnected, and all the cables are properly collected in one place. The disconnection process will be crucial because you must reconnect them when you reach the new office.


In short, office relocations can be fun if you plan them properly. Make sure you discuss the plan with your office employees and consider their suggestions or criticisms. Everyone must be on-board with the office relocation. 

The above-given tips will make sure you don’t have any obstacles on the way and avoid any delays. Also, as per movers, it is better to choose a weekday for the move and nighttime. These would make sure your movers are available and can provide you with adequate attention and time that the office relocation requires. Happy moving! 

Featured Photo by Adolfo Félix on Unsplash