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Top 5 Employee Management Remote Apps

Employee Management Remote Work Apps
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Top 5 Employee Management Remote Apps

How can organizations keep tabs on their employees with flexible work arrangements? This article looks at five Employee Management Remote Apps to effectively manage employees in a remote working environment. Let’s get started!

There are changing dynamics in the workplace, from mandatory on-site operations to flexible ‘work-at-home’ arrangements. Having a flexible work arrangement is ideal for attracting and retaining talent because it provides employees the freedom to pick the best environment conducive to optimum productivity. Even so, the flexibility here raises the question of how these organizations will manage teamwork and facilitate effective remote working environments for the best results. Specifically, with flexible work arrangements, how can organizations such an El Torero or consultancy companies keep tabs on their employees?

Employee Management Remote Work Apps
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

In the ‘remote working space’ industry, companies leverage many tools to manage employees effectively. There are new tools for managing projects, promoting better teamwork, and streamlining communication. Therefore, which remote control app is best? Without the right information, it can be confusing to pick the best tools that are ideal for your needs, especially when you need to manage complex or large-scale projects.

Although it’s hard to find free remote control apps, we’ve done our best to find the market’s best ones.

5 Remote Control Apps For More Control Over Employees

This article brings you 5 of the best remote control apps that will make possible managing employees or teamwork collaboration in a remote setting. Use these apps to enhance remote teamwork and make it more efficient. Try out the following apps to manage your team remotely.


When it comes to managing assigned projects remotely, the best remote control app for iOS is WorkflowMax. This app is an integrated project management software that enables you to enjoy complete visibility of assigned tasks from end to end. 

Compatible with the iOS platform, the app allows your employees to manage their assigned work easily, enjoy efficient time tracking of tasks at the touch of a button, read and process all assigned projects, and tick off milestones as they complete them. 

What makes this remote control app for iOS a great choice is that it automatically syncs information with the office workstation PC, enabling the team to see each other’s progress in any collaborative tasks in real-time. 


Toggl is an effective remote control app that helps remote workers to manage time spent on a project. As a manager, you will have an easy time knowing your employees put in the time you pay for. The app’s central idea is that only the time spent on projects is billed, so you get what you pay for. This remote control Java app’s key features include time tracking, reports, and it works on multiple platforms (not only Java). It is available on Mac, Chrome, Firefox, iOS, as well as Windows.

When it comes to charges, there is no free sampling for this app. This online remote control app’s plans start from $9/month per user, which is extremely affordable. It is a worthy investment for any company that wants to keep tabs on their employees’ productivity.

Time Doctor

When it comes to remote control apps for Windows, Time Doctor is a powerful tool that can be used to track employees who work remotely. As a matter of fact, it works for other operating systems as well. 

Big companies such as Verizon and Apple use this software. It shows what tasks the employees are working on, the time they are spending on each task, as well as the websites they are visiting. It also shows small but essential things such as the times they log in or log out, and it creates automatic reports with attendance and billable hours. The company prides itself on having created “an effortless way to keep employees productive.”

MS Teams
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This software allows you to see if remote employees are doing their job. It’s not a free remote control app, though. What’s unique about Timely is that it allows time spent working to be categorized based on tools used, websites accessed, and tasks. It features plenty of automation capabilities, eliminating the annoying need for manual interventions.

Timely also offers a powerful dashboard that includes an activity feed—which helps with collaboration among your team members. Although it’s one of those remote control apps that support plenty of integrations with other project management, video chat, and communication apps, some extra features require a paid upgrade. It starts at $7 per month, and it can be an excellent tool for more experienced teams.


VeriClock is a time tracking program that boasts a no-frills interface. It’s one of the best universal remote control apps and offers many configuration settings over when and how employees log time. It’s not focused on collaboration and project management, not feature-heavy and instead aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. It’s a fantastic option for those administrators and employers who want a bare-bones design and just want to get started quickly.

This universal remote control app allows administrators to batch upload employees’ data—which comes in pretty handy when you have over 500. Repetitive tasks can be easily automated, and employees can also clock in by sending an SMS or simply by voice. This will cost an extra $3 per user, per month, in addition to the standard cost of $5 per user. 

Conclusion | Employee Management Remote Apps 

These productivity tools will give you an advantage when it comes to managing your employees. We’ve done our best to narrow down the best remote control apps on the market, but it’s ultimately your responsibility to see what specific needs you have to address. If, for instance, you need remote control apps for Ubuntu, further research is necessary. Are there any other remote control apps you feel left out of? Let us know about them in the comment section below.

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