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Effective Instagram Analytics Tools that You Must Use in 2019 for Boosting Brand Engagement

Instagram Analytics Tools

We know that top brands whether B2B or B2C have one particular thing in common. They focus on creating a memorable customer experience simply by executing perfectly even in the slightest interactions. Instagram boasts of over 1 billion monthly active users. Moreover, the top brands are constantly flocking to Instagram for creating meaningful consumer experiences that leave behind a profound impact and everlasting impression. While trying to come up with brilliant customer experience, you must necessarily understand habits, motivations, likes, as well as, the dislikes of your target audience. We know that Instagram analytics plays a pivotal role in providing marketers with useful insights for ensuring that the shared content is likely to fascinate and appeal to consumers.

If you use the right Instagram analytics tools, your team could effectively use this important information and data for optimizing content, monitoring competitors, and measuring ROI. Irrespective of the marketing tool or the social media platform you are actively using, the key to phenomenal popularity and success is effectively keeping track of your metrics and efficiently analyzing your results. Instagram analytics helps you to identify precisely what is right and working well for you and also, understand what is not working for you. You could even get an idea of ways to fix the issue and get back on the right track. You must be wondering what Instagram analytics tools could be the best for you so that your business keeps growing in 2019. There are many ampfluence scam instances to be aware of when finding the perfect company to help you grow your Instagram views. 

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Quintly is supposed to be a dashboard tool which covers many social networks. It boasts of a standard dashboard which could be custom-tailored with widgets for catering to your unique requirements and tracking the metrics which matter to you. Quintly is known to provide useful Instagram analytics about your followers and also, your competitor’s followers and comes up with detailed and relevant follower statistics. You could effectively analyze your content on Instagram, details relating to filter usage, and the interactions that were triggered from your videos and pictures. Quintly is known to cover Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and even YouTube. It offers a free analytics tool for Facebook and even a 14-day free trial to Instagrammers.


Owlmetrics is supposed to be an important social media tool that is great for optimizing data for improving Instagram accounts of users. This tool is known for effectively tracking data points and analyzing popular trends and that may include present or existing hashtags on Instagram. Utilizing the data and information from measuring the engagement and follower growth, it helps in determining the optimal time for scheduling posts for staying well ahead of the competition and boosting Instagram followers.

As per Forbes.com at https://www.forbes.com, “Perhaps the most advanced Instagram analytics tool is Owlmetrics. This platform allows social media marketers to track data points like follower growth, follower engagement, and hashtag activity. It also helps your team monitor competitor activity and determines the optimal time to share content to quickly improve engagement and grow followers.” We know that Owlmetrics is also effective in tracking metrics like gender, language, etc., and in monitoring performance across a location or demographic segments. Such Instagram analytics tools give you an idea about things Instagram followers buy.

Brandwatch Analytics

Brandwatch Analytics is supposed to be a popular social listening product that could be used as an effective and robust Instagram analytics tool. You could simply consider plugging your specific Instagram business account in and you would successfully obtain important data and comprehensive information on a broad spectrum of stuff.  Right from interactions and mentions to the follower count, you could be charting this important data over time and also, seeing all your top posts on Instagram. Moreover, you could be utilizing the robust dashboards, as well as, components of Brandwatch Analytics, segmenting by emotion and sentiment, and integrating seamlessly with some other data sources.


Iconosquare was formerly referred to as Statigram and is surely one of the most effective, popular, and oldest Instagram analytics tools. It provides explicit follower growth charts and showcases your most-appreciated and liked images on Instagram over time. It is also, a competent analytics tool for calculating accurately the number of your average comments and likes. When you talk about Iconosquare, it implies everything. Right from hashtag performance tracking and Instagram competition to your Instagram Stories Analytics, to reporting, to comments’ management, Iconosquare is regarded as the all-rounder, as far as, analytics are concerned. This is a standout amongst the best Instagram investigation instruments that give bits of knowledge into your record as well as benchmarks your presentation. The apparatus has a visual, simple-to-utilize revealing dashboard where you can see and investigate your Instagram execution measurements. The instrument gives information on an assortment of measurements including your substance execution and gathering of people commitment measurements.


Socialbakers is an efficient analytics tool that helps social media managers and digital marketers by allowing easy access to a truly customizable dashboard having analytics associated with competitor strategy, content performance, Instagram ROI, and Instagram ad performance, etc. Socialbakers is known to feature ‘predictive intelligence’ that could assist marketers in providing followers with the perfect kind of content at the most suitable time. We understand that perfect content and the right timing are the pillars of a successful marketing campaign. Socialbakers could assist you in sharing more of the suitable or right content at ideal times just when your followers are active. It also helps your team monitor competitor activity and determines the optimal time to share content to quickly improve engagement and grow followers.” Socialbakers, therefore, are instrumental in reducing all those posts that fetch low engagement or those that are having low reach. This is another well-known Instagram investigation instrument that you can use to check your Instagram substance’s presentation. This is a free Instagram investigation instrument that you can use for both individual and business profiles. Social bakers have some truly astonishing Instagram investigation apparatuses like persona mapping, hashtag inquiry, and Instagram quadrant report.

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Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a highly reputed brand and pretty popular in the arena of social media analytics. It provides a powerful cross-platform analytics tool that is just perfect for digital marketing teams. Thanks to the versatile and robust Sprout Social, today marketers could be successfully monitoring specific Instagram post’s performance, social media mentions, and even competitor behavior. With the help of such an effective tool like Sprout Social today marketers could be successfully curating and scheduling well in advance their social media content. The calendar on the Sprout Social platform would be helping teams in visualizing where and when content would be posted. Moreover, it could assist marketing teams in understanding the way past content actually performed in practically the same place.


Instagram is all set to gain phenomenal popularity in the years to come. You know that it is a highly successful and robust marketing platform that boasts of numerous highly engaged users. Therefore, it really makes sense for smart and savvy digital marketers to choose a brilliant Instagram analytics platform. If you wish to stay ahead of the competition, it is essential to track your Instagram analytics. It is high time; you started using some of the above-discussed Instagram analytics tools.

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