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Easy Way to Get B2B Leads with a Cold Email

Easy Way to Get B2B Leads with a Cold Email
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So, you’ve decided to use a new channel to attract new customers for your business, which is cold email campaigns. This method is actively used by many companies and has proven itself very well. But, unfortunately, the vast majority of aspiring business owners and marketers make some of the same blunders and get frustrated with the effectiveness of cold email campaigns due to the poor performance of the method.

This article has collected all the necessary materials and information to conduct a successful cold base email campaign and achieve high conversion rates.

How to Make Cold Emailing Push Your Customer Through the Sales Funnel?

Decide on the goals of your mailing company. Before you start writing a technical assignment for a copywriter and designer, think about what exactly you want from the recipient of your newsletter. 

  • For them to follow the link to the site? 
  • To download specific content? 
  • To place an order? 
  • To call? 
  • Create in the potential client a need for your service?

Set up the collection of a database of email addresses. The basis of email newsletters is the contact list. The larger it is, the more conversions you can get. Therefore, if you do not have a database yet or it is small, you need to establish a constant collection of email addresses. To do this, use:

  • subscription forms on the site;
  • b2b leads magnets;
  • newsletter announcements in social networks;
  • online and offline contests, game events.

There is a golden rule: 1 letter = 1 goal. Otherwise, the user is lost and does not understand what you want from them, leading to very low conversion rates. Decide on a goal, and it will help set the tone for the entire letter.

Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. Remember how many advertising letters and garbage are dropped into your mailbox? Quite a lot, I guess, right? And what part of incoming b2b advertising emails do you delete without even looking at them? I can assume that almost everything, with very rare exceptions. Your mailing list recipients do the same thing.

Therefore, during the planning phase of a cold mailing company, try to present yourself looking at your company from the viewpoint of a potential customer. Think about what the email should look like so that it is not rated as spam by the client?

The email subject is 50% of success. The first task you need to solve is to formulate the letter’s subject so that your potential client will open it and not send it to spam. According to statistics, headlines are read by five times more recipients than the body of the letter. This means that it is the headlines that are most important in selling your services or offers. If the email recipient at least opens your offer and skims through it, this will be the first step to converting them to a customer.

Cold Emailing As The First Step Towards Cooperation With A Client

All people are curious. An unconscious striving for knowledge, interest in everything, even insignificant details, is inherent in us by nature itself. It’s worth playing on these things. Add some intrigue to your email subject line.

Curiosity pushes a person to get more information, even if it’s just a headline that accidentally catches the eye and seems interesting and intriguing. Moreover, they will feel uncomfortable until they read the entire letter.

Questions in headers, especially those that are personalized and well-segmented, will always intrigue and interest the recipient of the newsletter, which will increase the chance of successful opening of the letter and, accordingly, conversion.

For example, Are you sure your marketing campaign is not a waste of money?

Some do not want to get better or change something, but absolutely no one wants troubles and problems. Try to scare your customers. A “negative” headline both surprises and encourages action and, as a result, increases the email opening rate.

For example, Your employees are cheating on you. Want to take back control?

How to Write a Cold Email That Will Interest Your Customer?

Modern mailing services can substitute the client’s name in the subject line. Anyone, seeing their name in the subject line, subconsciously feels attention to their person on your part. If you cannot afford a personalized mailing list, the solution may be to use a personalized appeal “You” in the header. The subscriber feels that this letter is addressed personally to him and not to all your clients, which will greatly increase his chance to open this letter. By the way, we have an awesome email deliverability software that makes your mailing process as easy as possible.

If you are selling a product that is purchased by a specific target audience, try including words in the title that will grab immediate attention, such as “small business” or other.

Receiving such a letter, a person subconsciously feels your attention. You sent a solution for them on their particular issue. The best product was selected especially for them. Only for them, they gave a discount. These are the thoughts that a person has when receiving such a letter.

The human brain pays much more attention to numbers than words because numbers help to structure information logically. What’s more, single-digit numbers 1-9 work much better in headlines. A headline with numbers makes a promise. Subconsciously, the heading of the letter “5 Ways to Increase Sales” makes the newsletter recipient feel that he will receive specific information (5 tips) and no information garbage and spam.

Offer the B2B sales leads to solving their problems

The headlines that attract the most attention are the ones that convey useful information to the reader. What customer problem does your product or service solve? Mention the problem and solution in the title.

People tend to look for ways to avoid problems more often than solve the already existing ones. Therefore, you need to know in advance what your audience wants to avoid most and focus on these problems.

Your letter should contain a value proposition that only you can give business leads. The recipient should benefit from your ideas and advice that will push them towards the sales funnel.

How To Increase The Chance Of Opening Your Cold Email?

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The following tips will not only help you ensure that you have the highest open rate but that more people will follow the links to learn about your services.

  • Avoid spam filters. Even the most well-meaning emails can fall prey to a spam filter.
  • Send an email to the right person. When dealing with B2B marketing, it’s easy to forget that there are people behind this business, and people like to do business with people.
  • Provide clear value. Your message should link to the reader’s problem and highlight how your solution can help him or her.
  • Have a clear call to action. Just as a simple subject line can affect whether someone opens your email or not, a humble CTA (call to action) can affect whether someone clicks on it or not.


There is a huge difference between bad and good cold email writing. While the former is annoying and frustrating for the reader, the latter can be useful and beneficial. Successful cold letters are:

  • always developed based on audience research;
  • tailored for a specific recipient;
  • focus on delivering value.

If you want to attract a lot of b2b sales leads, but at the same time not spend a lot of effort – pass on emailing on b2b sales outsourcing and contact us at Belkins. With our help, your business will begin to grow exponentially!

Featured Photo by Tyler Franta on Unsplash

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