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Changing Up Tech to Change Your Business


The mass production and automation of industry lead to incredible changes to business processes and even speaks to what business types survived this revolution. The automation of industries led to thousands of job losses, but at the same time it created entire new fields of work.

Where would we be without the industrial revolution? We would be without the basic everyday technology that we do not even consider luxuries like the flushing toilet, microwaves and bifocals.

So in a time when weaving cloth for your clothing is a Hipster side project, what of today’s technology will be unheard of in 2050? Which part of your business will no longer be needed?

Technology in the Business World Today

Technology in business is often just viewed as the IT department, but considering the way technology is used in countries like China, IT is just a very small portion of Tech.

In China using a messenger service like WeChat to get official documents like a birth certificate or pay fines is the norm. The rest of the world should focus more on what China uses their tech for, and try and compete.

Tech in business now is an ever-changing field, with companies competing to have the newest and most envied technology. Just think of how the online blackjack Canada plays differs now to the games of 10 years ago, and how sites that didn’t update their offerings would have fallen by the wayside, despite the games obvious popularity. The first business to offer interesting innovations is the best…for however long it takes for the next business to build on that idea and create an even brighter idea.

Very soon things like having a company office will be a thing of the past, as more and more employees work remotely, all assisted by technology we already have. Going to a physical bank to transact is already becoming obsolete; banking through mobile apps is seen as the norm. Cars will be electronic, or self-driving; you could work in your car in the near future?

Changing the Mindset of the World

People are often resistant to change, keeping with their routines and traditions focusing on what always had worked before, but the newer generations are more eager to see what the future technology will lead to. Convincing my 40-year-old tech savvy sister to use Uber a year ago was actually embarrassing, but now she cannot live without Uber. But my niece would download any app you suggest is useful.

To the average business, keeping up with the tech trends is probably not much of a focus, but to get ahead or to even remain in the game, business needs to understand the importance of future tech. Changing the focus of a business from perhaps mainly profitability, to focusing on what the future could bring, that future being right now. You do not want to be a Kodak on the brink of the digital photo age and fail to remain the market leader in your field.

Keeping up with the Competition

So in this hectic, ever changing business tech world, where loosing focus on technology for a year, might mean you are out of business in two years, how do you keep up? Focusing on growth, working with and grow your employees who have shown innovation potential.

Network with other businesses, grow and learn with your peers. Really look into what future tech might mean for your business, and how to update your processes to ensure you are constantly up to date with the Tech in the business world.

Think of big ideas, think of small ideas, plan to change and not remain static.