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A gentleman’s guide to being an entrepreneur

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Are you that person that is constantly aware of the importance of good quality clothes and a perfect style one entrepreneur should have? Would you rather be one of those gentlemen in the pictures and spend a whole fortune on clothes and cars?

One question more. Do you remember that story our parents have told us when we were young­? “The emperor has no clothes” they have told. And suddenly we got a first lesson on being an entrepreneur since we were little children.

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Multifaceted image of an entrepreneur

Being a young businessman is often correlated with high-class style, watches, cars, and exclusive cocktails. We won’t lie to you, sometimes it is like that. Especially when you have come to the point where you can relax a bit and enjoy what you have created. But the whole lifestyle of an entrepreneur isn’t as easy as everyone thinks. You are to meet a lot of different people. With various, sometimes heavy stories. You are to create your own multifaceted image. But in every image that you are to create, you should have a small part of yourself to remind you who you actually are. And not just you but a small part of you to show to all those people in order to explain to them what your goal is. You are to overcome a lot of obstacles in the meantime.

Remain true

People love it when other people are true to themselves. If you remain the same in every occasion and if people can see that you are honest and trustworthy then all the doors will be opened to you. In that way, people will know who they are dealing with on all occasions and they will be more than happy to cooperate with you. In that way, you can keep up the team spirit in every team or partnership that you make as long as you keep the positive atmosphere and trueness in the business and personal environment.

My first company was Media Denmark ApS and it was established in 2006. The company was specialized in online marketing, offering its clients different online solutions based on their business needs. The company was structured as a partnership; we were two partners managing Media Denmark ApS. We supported each other and were both passionate about our business concept, and wanted to further grow the business. 

Passion in providing solutions

As an entrepreneur, you are not just to make a business and live your dream. If you are passionate enough about some idea. If you find a partner or a teammate that is as passionate as you are about it all. Then go on! Make a change! As a businessman, you are not there just to make money. If you are thinking about the business just in that way, then you are not going to succeed in the long run. You are succeeding in the long run if you are there for the people and if you are there to provide various solutions to their problems. If you are ready to invest in relationships, as well as in different projects. If you cannot live and breathe without something new happening around you. As Casper Ravn-Sørensen, an entrepreneur and a business angel says:

As an entrepreneur, you have to be prepared to work without getting any financial benefits. It can take a long time until you see profit in your account. Until then, it is just you, your dreams and all your effort and ambition you invest in long working days. I believe this is a great stimulant to move faster. This makes you put more effort, work harder, think strategically and be determinate to take risks. You must understand that your own capabilities are not enough. You have to find those people that will compliment your skills. A long-term business requires a strong team with the same passion for work, self-driven and ambitions to work on achieving your dreams. Building up a team that will complement and motivate each other, and push each other hard in achieving settled goals. I believe building up that company culture, the team and keep them motivated makes this path to success be the best one. Of course, the feeling of accomplishment and each result you bring in the company have its own impact as well. 

Being adaptable

In order for you to become a young entrepreneur – gentleman style, you should be used to constant change. You should follow what happens around you and respect all the means of variety in development. Sometimes, when you are an independent individual, it is hard to change your mind or listen to the people around you. But a gentleman would never allow his own personality over shined someone else’s. A true gentleman would listen to all the different opinions and accept all the different advice people would give him remaining true to himself and his ideals. So, when circumstances change, you shouldn’t be holding on. Just strategize and implement new and fun things and ways. Learn yourself to be prone to agility and flexibility.

The best part of being an investor is that you get to mentor great minds. There are so many talented entrepreneurs that have a huge potential. It’s great to talk to so many people that are passionate about their ideas or projects. These people usually know how to scale things with the right network, knowledge, and capital. I am very involved when I feel that the entrepreneur really feels its project, has a strong concept and a committed team – this is when my full attention is captured.

And maybe the most important thing that Casper Ravn-Sørensen would say is that you should always keep on sharing your knowledge and advice because the whole process of sharing is giving something new and fresh. In that way, we are all in some sort of successful collaboration, working together to make the world a better place and not being alone in the meantime.

For more advice and guides, you can contact Casper Ravn-Sørensen on his blog http://casperravnsorensen.com/

Featured Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels