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7 Best Growth Hacks that Can Help Small Business

Growth Hacks

For every small business owner, growing his company is one of his top priorities. But as a founder of a small business, you know this is going to be a challenge. You may not have the budget for mega marketing campaigns or enough time to concentrate on growth; you have simply so many things to manage.

So, how do you grow your sales and increase your business?

The answer lies in growth-hacking. It refers to a whole host of experiments in marketing, sales, product development, and other areas to figure out the best way to grow a small business.

Here are some easy growth hacks business leaders from small companies should know. This would help them grow their business in a short time.

1. Focus on Content Marketing

Content Marketing - 7 Best Growth Hacks that Can Help Small Business

DemandMetric says the cost of content marketing is 62 percent less than traditional marketing, while it generates leads roughly three times more. This makes content marketing a useful strategy for small-business owners.

Publishing a blog that offers useful and engaging content on your site portrays your company as an expert in its segment and can prove to be a useful tool to forge a trusting relationship with your target audience.

Blog posts are also helpful in generating more traffic, improving SEO, and converting visitors into customers. You should research low-competition and high-volume keywords to attract your target audience to the site and boost your customer base.

2. Use Facebook & Google Retargeting

Digital Strategy Consulting says a customer makes on an average nine visits to a site before making a purchase. So retargeting is an important growth hack to target those purchases that you may otherwise miss out on. Google and Facebook retargeting use a pixel that you add to your website, which enables you to display targeted ads to visitors who have visited your site in the past.

Retargeting lets you follow users on the web while they are browsing other sites or engaging on social media. They’ll see your ads seeking them to return to your site.

You surely want all your users to be return visitors. So make sure your company is at the top of their minds by enticing them through Google and Facebook retargeting.

3. Offer Exit-Intent Coupons

You can offer the visitors a coupon in lieu of their email address. This can be a great way to develop your database of email ids and motivate people to purchase. People like lapping up a deal. So, not many will let go the opportunity.

You can use an exit-intent popup to grab your users’ attention, as it can track a visitor until he is about to leave the website, and introduces the coupon at precisely the right time. On the whole, it’s a great tool to boost your conversions and improve your bounce rate.

4. Show Reviews & Testimonials

Most consumers like to read reviews before making a purchase.

In fact, a study conducted by BrightLocal revealed that 84 percent of the respondents trusted online testimonials and reviews the much as they would trust a personal recommendation. So, you can make it easy for your customers by showing social proof on your website pages.

You can display on your website comments and testimonials from your satisfied customers. This can help those visitors who are sitting on the fence make up their mind and take a buying decision. People like to buy from companies they can trust, so showing social proof enables you to be identified as a trusted brand in your segment.

5. Use Content Upgrades

You can provide content upgrades to build your email list. In essence, a content upgrade is a freebie offered on a blog post related to the topic of the blog.

For instance, you can ask for the email address of your readers by offering a free, downloadable PDF. If you’ve created an educational blog post that has already engaged your readers, they may be interested in the additional content you’re going to offer. They are likely to click and download the PDF.

6. Use Calls-to-Action

For sure, you would like your followers to help you on social media. And, in fact, You can ask them! By deploying calls-to-action across all social media accounts, you can have more views, likes, and shares. You can also ask your followers to visit your site and sing up for the program or join the mailing list.

7. Seek Feedback

Seek Feedback - 7 Best Growth Hacks that Can Help Small Business

You can figure out what’s working and what’s not in your business by asking your customers and followers directly. There’s always a scope for doing better in your business. And, improving user experience and customer service can really increase your sales.

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