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5 Tips To Changing Your Business Address

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Changing the location of your business is a bold move and decision to make and there’s a lot that goes into it. Part of it is the change of address. Your address is one of the main mediums of communication between your business and other people and entities.

It is important that this address change is done well to avoid operation errors in the days to come. Here are 5 helpful tips to changing your business address:

  1.    Verify Your Address

Moving your business is quite a hectic process to undertake. You get to look at several premises before settling on the right one and it’s easy to mix up details during the process. It is important to verify the new address with the realtor that is in charge of the business premise or location you’re moving into.

Verify Your Address

Check the street and city names and have the correct spellings. Confirm the building number as well as the post office codes. Ensure that you also get the correct zip code. Verifying these details will eliminate any future errors that may arise once you’ve settled down in your new location.

  1.    Determine Whether The Change Is Temporary Or Permanent

Changing your business address can either be temporary or permanent. A permanent change means that your first class mail as well as periodicals will be forwarded to the new permanent address that you provide. This permanent change applies best when you’ve relocated and settled into a new premise.

A temporary change of address may be when you’ve shifted to a new location to run business errands for a short period of time say 2 weeks to 6 months. In this case, you can get a temporary address for receiving your mail and periodicals for this predefined short period.

  1.    Notify People And Organizations Of Your Business Address Change

Not everyone will be aware of your business address change and as such, you need to notify them in order to keep in touch with them.

Some of the main players to start with include your business clientele, banks, credit card companies, suppliers, close business associates, government offices, the list goes on and on.

Use your contact list to reach out to these people and keep them informed of your address change.

  1.    Simplify The Process

When you’ve selected a new business premise and address that you’ve decided on, you can simplify things for yourself by sending notifications to the concerned parties early in advance to make the transition process easy rather than doing it after changing addresses.

Keep in mind that there are so many business activities to be done and the earlier and faster you sort this out, the better.

  1.    Get Help From A Professional Address Change Service

Doing the whole change of address for your business process by yourself can be quite hectic. Thankfully, you can outsource the services of an online address change company to assist you with sending new address detail notifications to all the people and organizations concerned.

They do have a database with thousands of records of addresses and can simply do the work for you in the shortest time possible. Ensure that the online address change company you choose is reputable.


Changing your business address can either be an easy or strenuous process depending on how you approach it. Here’s a reputable online change address service that will make the process super simple for you.