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5 Advantages of Surveys for Small Businesses

5 Advantages of Surveys for Small Businesses
Image by Andreas Breitling from Pixabay

Without being able to know your customers better, your business won’t be able to thrive and flourish. Your customers can best tell what needs improvement, so you can incorporate those recommendations and turn them into loyal customers for increased profit margins.

Therefore, it’s crucial for companies to gather customer surveys. Take the example of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s restaurant chain. They entice customers to take TellHappyStar Survey in exchange for free food. Of course, this boosts the number of surveys collected and generates leads as well.

Whether you’re a well-known large company like Dairy Queen or a small business, collecting surveys is imperative for your company’s success. If you’re interested in exploring the advantages of surveys for small businesses, read below!

1.    Monitor Customer Satisfaction

Monitoring customer satisfaction can allow you to tailor your customer service accordingly. The best time to collect customer surveys is after you have delivered products or rendered services to them.

If you’re a service-based small business, you can ask them to anonymously fill out a feedback form or hand them over a business card that mentions the feedback link. A product-centric business can collect feedback by stating the survey link on the receipt.

This way, you can figure out the continuous complaints you’re getting from most of your customers and strive to overcome or diminish them to keep them happy.

2.    Collect Customer Data

While gathering surveys, you should also add fields that allow you to collect customer data, such as their demographics. You can send these demographics to your sales team and ask them to create relevant marketing strategies or products that cater to their preferences.

In addition, collecting customer data through surveys will indirectly help keep your customers engaged with future emails or texts regarding new product releases or promotional offers to boost sales revenue.

To encourage more customer surveys, you can provide enticing offers such as free product samples or 10%-off on the next order.

3.    Engage Your Customers

Gathering surveys from time to time shows your customers that you actually care about them and appreciate them. Tailoring your customer service or products according to their feedback further gives an excellent impression. This can help them engage with your business and even turn into loyal customers down the road.   

Make sure you create multiple short survey questions to make it easier for customers to answer. You can add the survey link to your marketing emails, website, or blog posts.

4.    Create Customer-Centric Products

In addition to improving your overall business operations, surveys can also facilitate you in creating customer-centric products. You should ask open-ended questions from your customers regarding your products, such as which feature they would appreciate in an XYZ product or what can be improved in an existing item.

This will bring your customers closer to your brand and transform them into long-term buyers.

5.    Enhanced Future Marketing Decisions

Marketing can be costly, especially for small businesses. However, surveys can help you reduce the cost. For instance, you can add a poll to your Twitter account and ask your customers how they first heard about your company.

You can also ask several other marketing-related questions, so your future marketing efforts are worth the cost, time, and effort. It’s ideal for posting these questions on all social media platforms to know the results better.   

Featured Image by Andreas Breitling from Pixabay