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When Business Tech Goes Wrong: Three Big Reasons For Data Losses

Losing your data is a big problem, particularly if you are in business. And it happens more often than you might think – with potentially catastrophic results. Sound and robust security planning are essential, of course, but even then, there are no guarantees that your system will remain intact forever. The big question for today is: why?

The simple truth is that there are many ways for data losses to occur, even if your system is locked down and fully protected against hacking. Today, we’re going to take a look at the three most common causes for lost data – and explore how you can deal with each problem. Let’s get started right away – read on to find out more!

Technology failure

By far and away the biggest cause of data loss is a technical failure. The software can corrupt, hard drives fail, and systems can go haywire at a moment’s notice. Any of these issues can result in severe damage to systems, as well as a complete loss of data. It is vital that business owners – and private individuals – always backup up their data on a regular basis.

You should also find out where to turn when things go wrong, whether you accidentally spill some coffee on your personal laptop or need RAID failure recovery help. Recovery experts might even be able to help you retrieve files you thought were lost forever, so it’s worth spending a little time ensuring that you have the right assistance on board for the systems you use.

The human touch

Many technology systems are smart, complicated, and robust. But part of their problem is that they are still operated and controlled by fallible beings: us. Human error is one of the biggest cause of data loss, not far behind technical failures, but steadily creeping up. It’s no surprise, to be honest. As technology becomes more intricate and complex, it gets harder for the average person to use. And the end result is operator mistakes, which can often lead to wiped data.

It is imperative, then, that you ensure your employees – and you – understand how to use the equipment they operate properly. Solid training and regular workshops will help you all remember how to take care when using technology, and incidents of data loss should fall. You can never guarantee human error will never occur again, of course, but you can reduce the volume of events.

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Natural disasters

A natural disaster can occur in many different forms. Earthquakes, flooding, and tornadoes can all have a significant impact on your systems. More common is fires – a scourge of businesses and their technology systems all over the country. With this in mind, make sure that any servers or data centres you use are sturdy enough to withstand heat and physical damage.

Business owners should also ensure that any cloud-based services they use are located in areas which are not affected by natural disasters. For example, if your business is somewhere near the San Andreas fault lines, don’t use a cloud server that is nearby – use one that is well out of range of any area which might be impacted.

So, there you have it – three of the most common reasons for data losses. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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