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Budget-Friendly Engagement Ring Types For Men

Budget-Friendly Engagement Ring Types
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Budget-Friendly Engagement Ring Types For Men 

Engagement rings are a significant part of every couple’s life. These rings signify the bond that couples share and cherish. But it is difficult for some people to afford expensive engagement rings, and morganite rings are an excellent alternative for them. These rings are ten times cheaper than high-quality diamond rings and have the exact same look. Now you can also fulfill your dream of having a big, shiny stone on your wedding ring, within your budget. Better yet a respectable jeweler like the expert on engagement rings in Melbourne, is still going to be able to help you with this decision. Here we have listed the types of budget-friendly engagement rings for men:

Budget-Friendly Engagement Ring Types
Photo by Anna Hecker on Unsplash

1. Two-Toned Wedding Bands

These wedding bands are very popular these days. These two-toned bands generally have 3-4 stripes on them. You can choose their base metal from gold, platinum, and silver according to your preference and budget. You can also have alternative bands for the base with morganite stones. These rings look as expensive and classy as diamond rings but cost much less. 

2. Chain-Shaped Wedding Rings  

If you want something trendy, fashionable, and budget-friendly to treat your significant other, this could be a go-to style for you. This ring is carved in the shape of a chain, and morganite stones are embedded into the whole chain structure. This ring looks very rich and unique, and without spending a ton of money, you can get the perfect ring that you have been draming of without sacraficing its look. 

3. Nature-Inspired Wedding Bands  

If you have an adventurous spirit and very close to nature, this could be an excellent option. It is a highly customizable ring and looks unique. You can have a base metal of your choice and then have a broad band at the center made of wood or black granite. A camouflage band is also a very good option. At the top and the bottom, you can have two thin bands embedded with morganite stones. This can be a dream-come-true wedding ring for you as it looks very manly and stylish at the same time. 

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4. Classic Wedding Bands  

If you prefer more classical and traditional-style wedding rings, then this is the best style for you. It has a very simple and classic gold band with morganite stones lined at the top center. It gives a very traditional and timeless appeal. If you purchase this ring with diamonds at the center, it can cost you thousands of dollars, but if you get one with embedded morganite stones, it will cost you just a few hundred dollars. 

5. Simple Wedding Rings 

If you don’t like any kind of stone on the ring, this is another great option for you. This ring is a very affordable option as well as looks very simple, minimalist, and sleek. You can still customize this ring as per your tastes. You can either choose a gold or silver ring with a simple or brushed texture, which will give your ring more depth. If you want it to look contemporary, you can choose a platinum band with a brushed texture or beveled edges. This will look contemporary and rich and will reflect your simple and stylish personality.

Conclusion | Budget-Friendly Engagement Ring Types

Wedding rings have a lot of significance as they are one of the most special gifts your spouse will cherish their whole life. You must choose a wedding band that will reflect their personality and is according to their taste. If you are looking for more affordable options, you can buy morganite engagement rings instead of a diamond ring. These look as rich and classy as a diamond ring but come at a very affordable price.