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Become Known – Tell Your Story in a Memoir. By Lisa Montalto

Become Known - Tell Your Story in a Memoir. By Lisa Montalto
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Tell the world what you’ve achieved…or intend to achieve! 

Becoming well-known is a dream for many people around the world. It can afford you financial freedom and notoriety to make your dreams come true. Your talent, advice, or expertise can positively impact the world through a memoir.  

You Don’t Have to Be Famous

You don’t have to be famous to write a memoir and become well-known. Plenty of people have found their way to the limelight merely by penning their memoirs. A great example is Tara  Westover’s Educated. A remarkable recount detailing her rise from her very poor and tumultuous Mormon upbringing to her achieving a Ph.D. from Cambridge University. It was hailed as the “best memoir in years” by Publishers Weekly, and as “Astonishing” by NPR.  

Another important memoir that illuminated a victim’s rise from childhood satanic ritual abuse and mind control slavery to becoming a beacon of hope for many is Cathy O’Brien’s devastating  TRANCE Formation of America. Raised as a CIA mind-controlled slave, Cathy blew people away with her stories of how high-powered, rich, and famous people used her and many others as trafficked sex slavesThis was a disturbing revelation of the inner workings of the shady underbelly of society that the public has no idea about. Cathy became extremely famous in the underground truth movement.  

Age Makes No Difference

It doesn’t matter your age when it comes to writing a memoir. Just look at 16-year-old Jessica  Watson, who told her harrowing tale in her memoir, True Spirit. The story details her adventure of sailing around the world all alone, unassisted, and without stopping. She talked about her childhood influences and all the planning it took to prepare for her great 210-day journey at sea.  

Other great content for a memoir could be where you live. For example, if you live in Beverly Hills, you probably have stories to tell. Since it’s home to producers, directors, actors, writers,  and film financiers, as well as reality stars, social media influencers, and hairdressers to the stars, there is a great likelihood that you have a good story to tell. How did you get there, why do you live there, and why do you stay? 

Anyone Can

People from all walks of life can achieve fame or become well-known by putting out great content in a memoir. Along with your location, you can write about what you do, who you know,  your journey from childhood, and more.  

A memoir is a snippet of a time in someone’s life that is interesting and often valuable. The only thing stopping some people might be the fact that they aren’t writers, or they don’t want to give credit to a professional writer.

Use A Ghostwriter

Writing a memoir that sells is not always easy, especially if you don’t have the writing skills. This  is where ghostwriters come in. They work behind the scenes and you get all the credit. In fact,  most memoirsbiographies were written by ghostwriters. 

A ghostwriter takes your ideas and formulates them into your memoir. Not only are they highly skilled at what they do, but some of them have connections to help get your memoir into the right hands. They will keep you involved every step of the way or just deliver the final product.  It’s up to you. 

Just like a real ghost, a ghostwriter remains invisible. They keep the limelight on you with the material that makes you shine. It’s the best of both worlds. Almost by definition, ghostwriters don’t get credit. The odds are that most memoir books you’ve read were ghostwritten, even if you don’t see co-writing credit on the cover. 

So now that you’re interested in a ghostwriter, finding one comes next. Where do you find a reputable ghostwriter who specializes in memoirs? You can conduct a Google search and interview them one by one, asking for credentials and calling references. Or you can work with a ghostwriting services company that has a roster of ghostwriters and vets all their writers ahead of time. ManuscriptMan.com offers book ghostwriting services. Its owner knows each of his writers in depth and will help you select the best writer for your project. They are well versed in which areas each of their ghostwriters excel, giving you the best chance at success.  

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