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Available Damages After a Car Collision

Damages After a Car Collision
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Available Damages After a Car Collision

Driving is a convenience and a pleasure. To do it safely, you take certain precautions. You should always follow road safety laws and remain alert and attentive when behind the wheel. Other drivers are not as careful. They tend to flout the law and common sense. When injured in an accident caused by such an irresponsible person, you have a right to compensation. Before you make a move on this front, you should hire a car accident personal injury lawyer to access the Damages After a Car Collision and determine your legal options. 

Get it Right from the Beginning

A car crash is a shocking and confusing event. It may take you some time to gather your wits and figure out where you are and what has happened. There are two types of car accidents. The first one is severe and will leave you with serious injuries. The other is less severe and will only leave you shaken and slightly injured. In the latter type of crash, you will be conscious and mobile. You will be able to act decisively after the crash, and you should, therefore, take the following actions: 

1. Check your passengers and call for help 

If you have been in a little fender bender, you should first check yourself. This involves ensuring that you are without broken bones and that you are not bleeding. You must then check the condition of any passengers that may be traveling with you. Only then should you call 911.

2. Open dialogue with the other driver

You should go to the other car and speak to the driver. You should not end your call with the 911 operator until you have confirmed the other driver’s status. If they have been harmed, you should try to give as many details as possible about their injuries.

If the other driver is in reasonably good shape, you should take their information and give them yours—phone numbers, car insurance, etc. Try to keep things calm and civil. Don’t assign blame for the accident at that moment.

3. Speak to the police—on your terms

Speak to the police
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The police officer who arrives will ask you questions about the accident. You should tell them the truth about what you know. However, you should say nothing, insinuating you are to blame for the crash. If uncomfortable answering a question, tell the officer that you would rather not respond until you have spoken with a lawyer.

4. Collect your own evidence

After an accident, make sure to get all the information you can. You should take pictures of the scene, including all damages after a car collision. You should get close-ups of the damage done to your car, and if it is possible the damage sustained by the other vehicle. Speak to those who witnessed the accident. Ask them if you can video record their statement on your cell phone. Also, get the contact information of everyone you spoke to.

5. Get yourself checked out by medical professionals

Even if you feel alright, you should not take chances. The shock of a car accident can leave you numb to certain types of pain and injuries. It is not uncommon for internal injuries to become life-threatening. You will not know the true state of your health unless you go to the hospital and receive a thorough medical examination.

6. Hire a lawyer

Retain the services of a car accident personal injury lawyer. You may even want to consult with your attorney before speaking to your insurance company and submitting a claim. This will ensure that your rights as a policyholder are protected. Your World Turned upside Down. 

The other type of car accident is much harder to deal with. If the crash was severe and the injuries you sustained life-threatening, you will know nothing about it until much later. You may need to be rushed to the hospital by ambulance. Medical teams at the hospital may need to perform a series of surgeries to save your life. It may take you some time to regain consciousness and begin the process of healing.

A serious car accident can throw your entire World into upheaval. It will put you out of work for some time, and you will need to spend months in convalescence and recovery. All the time, your regular bills will continue to pile up. You will also be responsible for the medical bills associated with the advanced treatment you have had to undergo, the work done on behalf of your rehabilitation, and the various medications you have been prescribed.

It may take you some time to get back on your feet. And even when you are ready to go back to work, you may be forced to cut your hours. In the worst case, you may have to give up your job, position, and livelihood. If you were permanently disabled because of the accident, you might need to hire full-time home care. It may also be necessary for you to adjust your home’s interior to make it easier for you to get around.

None of this can be done inexpensively. A serious accident can throw you into serious financial difficulties. You should not be forced to shoulder such a burden on your own. The person whose negligence caused the accident should be made to pay. 

The Damages You Can Claim

accident attorney
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A Los Angeles accident attorney can help you claim the damages after a car collision you are entitled to. A Los Angeles accident attorney can help you file suit for the following forms of compensation: 

-Medical costs, which will include everything from the ambulance ride to your medication

  • Lost wages
  • Loss of potential earnings
  • Psychological and physical pain and suffering
  • Loss of relationships

The last two of these may sound abstract and non-quantifiable, but they are nothing of the kind. A dollar figure can be put on the emotional and physical pain caused by accident. The stress and strain caused by your injuries can lead to the breakdown of your family life. You can receive compensation for the loss of your spouse and children.

The Only Person on Your Side

Your auto injury attorney has only one goal: to get you as much money as possible. The first thing your auto injury attorney will do is establish the value of your lawsuit. They will review your medical records, speak to your medical team about the prospects of your recovery, and even

interview your family to understand the effects of the accident. This information will be used to determine a dollar figure representing the total amount of compensation you are owed.

Your attorney will then demand this from the other side. Throughout this process, your lawyer will be the only one who is looking out for your interests. They will be the only one of your side, and you should leave all negotiation and communication with the respondent to them. The case need not go to trial. Your lawyer will investigate the causes, circumstances, and consequences of the accident thoroughly. They will gather the evidence needed to make the strongest case possible. They will then use these facts to pressure the other side to offer a just and adequate settlement.