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Why the Amazon AWS Certification is Definitely Worth it For Your Career

Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services) is one of the fastest-growing services for Cloud computing integration and deployment—even surpassing in popularity other major competitors like Google Cloud Engine and Microsoft Azure. AWS is now being adopted by over one million users in over 190 countries and is the leading public cloud platform, offering Big Data processing software for high volumes of data, web applications, and back up and storage options with built-in-encryption among many other tools that can help a company face ever-tougher market competition and achieve maximum success without the threat of security breaches. Thanks to Its wide variety of Cloud-based applications and software solutions that are customizable to individual preference, any kind of business or organization can profit from the advantages of storing and sharing files and data of any format on cloud servers. Cloud deployment will restructure and optimize their internal and external organizational capability, save time and bureaucracy, help to anticipate fluctuations in customer preference, and promote greater collaboration and sharing of innovative ideas for business solutions in order to heighten customer experience and maximize customer satisfaction. The advantages increase as new A.I. applications continue to develop and are integrated with Cloud technology.


With this outstanding lead in the public cloud market, Amazon AWS certification in Cloud technology is highly sought after by the many potential candidates seeking job entry into the Cloud/IT/A.I. industrial combine, and this is in direct response to the high demand by companies for experts and professionals with the necessary certified skills to help them adopt cloud computing technology and migrate their database data and web content onto the Cloud. Despite this high demand which is expected to grow enormously over the years as Cloud implementation gains more strength, along with the great number of job opportunities for applicants from multiple industries (some of whom may be even just peripheral to the IT/Cloud industry—such as business lawyers, data and financial analysts and business consultants—while others include IT/Cloud engineers, cloud architects and software/web developers) there is still a significant lack of expertise, and this also shows certain lack of knowledge of the cloud computing industry in general and the employment potential it offers for various careers. Thankfully there are several programs which provide certification in cloud technology, and AWS is the most popular because its cloud tools are renowned for their consistency, rigor and efficiency, and for their many applications in several business areas. Cloudacademy.com is an excellent and innovative resource and that offers AWS Amazon certification.


AWS certification is actually the first thing that employers will look for when reviewing your resume for a job position, so it is nothing to sneer at. It is especially useful if you want to acquire new skills to add to your resume because it will open doorways into a wide array of innovative careers and job opportunities in many sectors of the IT/Cloud/Hi-tech/A.I. industrial cluster.

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