Home Advice A man’s guide to breaking up a plain and boring living space

A man’s guide to breaking up a plain and boring living space

boring living space
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A man’s guide to breaking up a plain and boring living space

I must say, my partner has excellent ideas on how a room should look. A picture here, a plant there, a particular type of lighting to bring out the best in that small bedroom, and don’t start him on a man cave. These fantastic, awe-inspiring ideas are constantly swimming around in his head like a carousel of tropical fish. You see, he’s full of ideas, but that’s where it stops. When those ideas of sprucing up plain and boring living space are ready to be released onto the walls and into our house’s rooms, then I step up with a paintbrush in hand, hammer at the ready, and armed with a faint hope that he notices any subtle changes I’ll make to the house.

Bring your walls to life.

I know nothing about art, but I know what I like, and I like a good piece of wall art. When it comes to purchasing for my household, my personal preference is Artfrill, as they use museum-quality paper and have a large range of designs. Whatever you have hanging there on your wall says a lot about the people living there. Art helps us express feelings and emotions. Whether it’s industrial or street scenes, beach or landscaped views, the placement of such works of art are sometimes as important as the image itself.

Placing your wall art above a sofa is always a popular choice, but to make it stand out, follow a few simple rules. If you’re hanging one single picture, make sure you get one that measures two-thirds the size of your couch. If it’s a collection of pictures, use the same measurement guide and make sure you space each piece of art 2 or 3 inches apart. The distance from the top of your sofa to the bottom of the frame should be around 6 to 8 inches.

Paintings, illustrations, portraits, and mountains, can all stop visitors to your house in their tracks. Maybe go all out and treat yourself to a limited edition; not only will it dramatically increase your living space, but it will also be a topic of conversation for many evenings to come.

Our little green friends

It’s safe to say I know a little more about plants than I do about art. On the other hand, my partner would struggle to tell the difference between a peaceful lily and a nettle. Speaking of Peace Lillies, did you know they have many health benefits. For one, they purify the air. They even remove mold spores from the air. And if your struggling to get to sleep at night, then yes, you’ve guessed it, these marvelous plants aid restful sleep. Of course, they also look great and can spruce up any room in the house.

Man cave creation
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How about an air plant? These stunning little plants are sure to brighten up any room. Not only are they visually stunning, they are what’s known as an epiphyte, meaning they don’t need soil to thrive. In most homes, these remarkable plants are found in either a terrarium or hanging from something like a piece of wood.

The snake plant, or mother laws tongue as it’s also known, is a terrific-looking plant. These can grow up to 2 meters in height, so consider this when deciding where to place them. You’ll be glad to know they are low maintenance free and thrive on neglect; my partner will love this one! They look great on a windowsill as they love the light. 

Plants are a fantastic way of bringing life to any room, and with the health benefits attached to them, they should be on your list of items to spruce up your house.

A way to a man’s heart

Here’s a simple recipe. Get yourself a spare room. Decorate it with wall art to your man’s taste. Depending on the room’s size, you can put in such items as a pool table, retro gaming machine, pinball machine, even a golf simulator, and of course, it goes without saying, a bar. Lighting can play a big part when trying to reinvent any room. So, wouldn’t it be great to run led lighting all around the ceiling? You could go one better and choose ones that change color. P.S., don’t forget the 65″ led ultra H.D. T.V. 

Conclusion | Sprucing up a boring living space

Whether you choose to buy a simple plant, treat yourself to a new limited-edition piece of wall art, or go crazy and make your man the envy of all his friends by creating his man cave. Sprucing up a room can be both fun and rewarding in equal measures.