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9 Tips to Revive Wintery Relationships

There are many different phases in loving relationships. Some of them are quite simple and cheerful; others are rather distressful and hard-to-bear. It sometimes happens that your connection weakens. No, both of you are still committed and faithful, and you want to continue the beautiful love story you have started – but your feelings have irreversibly subsided. It frequently happens to long-term partnerships, especially if you already have kids. Are there any possible ways to revive “dying” fire of your relationships? We asked our friends from NatalyDate.com dating site and they provided us with nine proper methods of enlivening your feelings.


  1. Fight the routine. Long-term relationships often become a victim of choirs and responsibilities (especially if children are involved). Get rid of that terrible bundle! Hire a babysitter, pay for cleaning service and just do what you want most. It will not revive your feelings instantly but will help refresh your mind, which is good for the beginning. Read more about second anniversary ideas.
  2. Do the talk. Can you remember how long have your talks been several years ago? Yeah, the times when you could not get enough of each other are gone. What you need is to get this marvelous delight back. You both have to renovate your knowledge about the person you live with. And nothing helps better than a prolonged dialogue.
  3. Appreciate each other. There are probably numerous reasons why you both chose each other. We strongly recommend recollecting these reasons and appreciating your woman twice as hard. However, do not focus on how things used to be. Look closely and you will see that everything is still here.
  4. Break the negative cycle. It is quite a stereotypical situation when loving relationships are bounded by destructive patterns (unwillingness to compromise, one of the partners being permanently demanding and so on). Throw them away! Seriously, invent something better.
  5. Talking about touches. First, we tried to reconnect your minds. Now time has come to get your bodies back! Touch each other as frequent as possible. This includes hand rubs, feet rubs, neck rubs, and more. This can progress to massage – a wonderful way to comfort your body and move on to…
  6. Something new in your bed. Sex is an integrant part of relationships and family. Probably, alongside with overall chillness, you have also lost the heat in bed. Likewise, you can help revive your feelings by improving sex life! Treat it as an experiment. Invite your partner to share their fantasies and, as well, be willing to share yours
  7. Heal the old wounds. When couples have been together for quite a while, little conflicts tend to be swept under the proverbial carpet. The only trouble is that unseen issues can linger in your mind and make it hard for you to be present. Get rid of old hurts – ask for forgiveness if you know you did something wrong. Clear the air so you can breathe again.
  8. Experience something extraordinary together. Nothing solidifies the couple better than a shared adventure. Take massage classes, have a long stroll through the places in your town you have never visited before. If it is too much for you – get Twister and do the thing! Cooking classes or karaoke battle work perfectly for married couples.
  9. Initiate a romantic runaway. We recommend you a weekend runaway to affirm your success in reviving feelings. It allows you to become intimate again for quite a long time. Spa hotel, room for two, ocean breeze and a bottle of sweet wine. You need to bring back romance in your life! Nothing works better than gazing at the setting sun on the beach.


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