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7 Useful Tips on Green Carpet Cleaning

7 Useful Tips On Green Carpet Cleaning
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Green Carpet Cleaning refers to the process of removing dirt from the walls and floor coverings, facilitating thorough sanitation on all surfaces. On a more basic level, green cleaning refers to cleaning to be environmentally friendly. This article will discuss some helpful tips for carrying out both processes without much effort. The following are seven useful tips on green carpet cleaning;

1) Vacuum or Brush Off any Dirt and Debris

Get rid of any dirt, debris, hair, etc., by vacuuming or brushing it off of the carpet before trying to clean it. If this is not possible due to the amount of dirt or time constraints, then the next step will be more difficult or impossible without removing this first layer of dirt and debris.

2) Invest in an Air Filter and Open Windows to Help Dry the Carpet as Quickly as Possible

An air filter will reduce the amount of dust and dirt deposited on the carpet. Once the carpet is thoroughly cleaned, it will be less likely that you need to go over it again with your carpet cleaner or steamer because you are over-treating a clean carpet. Having windows open helps ventilation and drying (if rain is not in the forecast).

3) Apply Commercial Fabric Softener to Refresh the Carpet’s Smell

Fabric softener will help freshen up any smell, so it won’t smell stale and musty. This helps stop new allergies from forming. Plus, if you have pets, a commercial fabric softener will help with keeping pet hair off of the carpet and furniture.

4) Apply an Enzyme Vapor Cleaner

Use enzymes as a safe alternative to chemical carpet cleaners. Enzymes break down organic matter and leave behind no residue that could harm your carpet or family members and pets. They naturally occur in the body, so they are biologically friendly and safe for humans, animals, and the environment. Use a quality enzyme cleaner, not just regular carpet shampoo that has enzymes added to it. These don’t work as high-quality enzyme cleaners do.

Ensure the manufacturer specifies the temperature range in which the enzymes work effectively because they may not work as well if used under very cold or hot conditions. Enzymes don’t just “set and forget”; they need to be occasionally monitored to see if the area needs another treatment. If a second treatment is needed, blotting with a dry towel or rag will help dry the area faster before applying more enzyme solution.

5) Add a Nice Scent and Remove the Floor Mats to Make it More Inviting

Ensure you put a nice scent on the carpet. If you have pets, make sure they don’t use the carpet as a bathroom before putting down floor mats. The floor mats can make bigger areas of the carpet more inviting, so your pets won’t use it as a bathroom.

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6) Wash with a Gentle Shampoo and Non-toxic Laundry Detergent

A natural, non-toxic laundry detergent is the best choice for shampooing your carpet. If you choose to use an environmentally safe, natural carpet cleaner instead, follow the directions and ensure it is suitable for use on all types of carpet fabric. Apply sparingly in a small area and allow to sit for at least 3 minutes before blotting up or vacuuming up. Using too much carpet cleaner or leaving it on the carpet for too long can cause damage.

Ensure that the amount of detergent you use is only as much as what would be used to get a full sink of clothes clean. This is because more of the detergent will not make your carpet cleaner, but it will make it smell worse and leave behind residue that attracts dirt and causes other problems when cleaning. Always use cold water for washing your carpet—hot water can cause shrinking in certain types of carpets. Turn on the heat or use a fan to make the carpet dry faster.

7) Repeat the Process until all Traces of Dirtiness Have Disappeared

Follow the directions of your rug cleaning or steamer and apply it to the carpet. Be sure to follow the amount needed for your size of home and level of soiling. You may need to repeat this process more than once, so in between cleaning sessions, use a wet vacuum or a rag with soap and water to keep the area clean. Vacuuming is one of the most important parts of getting your carpet clean.


Green Carpet Cleaning is an effective cleaning process and removes all traces of dirtiness on it. It gives your carpet a fresh, clean scent and makes it look inviting again. Follow these tips to effectively clean your carpet with green methods.

Featured Photo by cottonbro from Pexels