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7 Thoughts that Will Cross Your Mind When Engagement Ring Shopping

So, you’ve decided to propose to that special person in your life.

Getting married is one of life’s greatest adventures, and it all starts with the proposal. But, you can’t get to the proposal without first buying the engagement ring. Shopping for that perfect ring is a wonderful, but an occasionally confusing experience.

To help you in your search, we’ve made a list of 7 thoughts and concerns you’ll likely have, and our advice on figuring them out.

I should have listened when she talked about jewelry.

Yes, yes you should have. But never fear, you still have time to find out what it is she’s looking for. Now that you’ve decided to propose, make sure you listen closely to every conversation about jewelry she has. You can even take her shopping, and walk by a jewelry counter to see if anything catches her eye.

If you have a hard time finding out what she’d like on your own, remember you can always ask for help.

I wonder how my friend did it.

Your friends can be a big help when searching for an engagement ring.

If you have friends who’ve popped that question before, they may be able to offer advice on what kind of rings are popular, where to find good deals, and maybe even how to ask once you find the ring.

Asking people who are close to you is a great way to figure out how to propose and what ring you’ll use.

And your friends aren’t the only option.

Maybe I should talk to her friends.

The friends of your beloved can be your biggest help when deciding what kind of ring to buy. No one in this world knows her quite like her closest friends and family.

Ask them for advice, or even ring suggestions, but make sure they can keep a secret or they may ruin the surprise!

All Diamonds Look the Same.

A lot of people, guys especially, seem to think that all diamonds are equal. But, when it comes down to it, there is a big difference between diamonds. Different grades and cuts have a different sparkle.

And since you want a nice, shiny diamond, be sure to learn the 4 C’s of diamond shopping.

What does Cut, Carat, Clarity, or Color even mean?

They may seem confusing at first, but the 4 C’s are actually pretty simple.

Cut: A diamond’s cut is the way it’s shaped.

Carat: A diamond’s carat measures its weight.

Clarity: A diamond’s clarity measures how many imperfections it has.

Color: A diamond’s color tells if the stone is clear or yellow.

Should I just design the ring?

You may decide that you’d like to design your own engagement ring.

It may take longer, but designing your own ring can give your special someone a ring that is just as unique as they are. There is nothing exactly like it, anywhere in the world.

Wow… How will I stick to my budget?

Sticking to your budget may be easier than it seems. Shopping for engagement rings in the summer, for instance, can help cut down your budget significantly since summers are slow for most jewelers and wholesalers. It’s also cheaper to buy diamonds online as prices are significantly less and the selection is far larger.