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7 Motives to Make Your Home Green

Let’s not beat around the bush and get down to business. A green home, or otherwise called an eco-friendly home, is a need for you. Why? Think about global warming, natural destruction, ice melting at the poles and the world becoming unfit for you to live! The pace of global warming is alarming and this should not take much time to happen. Scared enough? Now let’s talk about one thing you can do to alter the scenario – making your home green. If you think about it, the world will outlive you anyway. So it’s none of your business. True, but think about your children, and their children. Whether it is your benefit or the worlds’, there are motives enough for you to have a green home!

1. Saving Energy: Going green involves better insulation at your home. Just by setting a tight sealing or installing efficient cooling and heating system you can save a lot of energy. Moreover, you can produce energy yourself by setting up a solar panel roof top. And as companies such as Apple and Tesla are inspiring the world for a greener future, many local startups such as Josco Energy Corp and Green Home Energy Solutions have emerged, making it even easier for locals to make their home green.

2. Reducing Water Bill: The basic idea is to use low flow taps, showerheads, efficient irrigation system use a plumbing system that saves water. For making things easier, Energy Star appliances will do the work for you. Preserving and using rain water is another great step. In the process, you save hundreds on water bill.

3. Better Air to Breathe: Green homes use materials as in paints, adhesives etc. which are low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) and formaldehyde for buildings. This provides you with lesser chances of respiratory diseases. Moreover, green homes require non-toxic elements for house cleaning. All these together provide you with a better and much healthier indoor air to breathe in.

4. Reducing Wastage: The huge amount of wastage being dumped every day is polluting and intoxicating environment to the extreme. In green home, you should always think about how to reuse and recycle waste products. Doing this simple task gives you a better environment to live in and reduces cost in buying new materials. The products you really cannot use, send them over for recycling as the recycled products will help people who cannot afford the costly ones.

5. Saving Natural Resources: Contrary to popular belief, most of the natural resources like water, gas, coal and oil are not unlimited. Hence, heavy consumption means resources running out before it’s time! To eliminate this hideous possibility, we all should try to cut down on usage of natural resources. Instead of using electric supply from the national grid, use a solar panel. Use as less water as possible, do not leave the stoves open, use bamboos instead of woods etc. These will not only save the environment, it will save you money too.


6. Increasing Home Durability: When you build an eco-friendly home, the idea is to use sustainable products than the usual ones. Most recycled products last usually five times more than the general ones. Count the amount of savings you will have by cutting down on costs of maintenance or renewing the place. There are products on the market that you can easily find with a very cheap rate. Thus you can choose materials that would cost less yet last longer.

7. Go Creative: It might sound a bit funky but going green makes you creative. How? When you are planning your green home, think about how strategic you are executing the idea. Also when you are recycling products, you continuously try to come up with innovative ideas. Thus going green actually makes you more creative.

The positivity of having a green home is endless. Think about a healthier world to live in and keep in mind the economic elevation for yourself and other people; having green homes is necessity for us all. It doesn’t get any better than having an eco-friendly home.

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