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7 Awesome Places in Tennessee to Have Your Bachelor’s Party!

7 Awesome Places in Tennessee to Have Your Bachelor’s Party!
Photo by John Arano on Unsplash

Spring is for nature, flowers, and weddings. We all know that spring weddings are the most romantic and you can definitely getaway for your honeymoon during the best time of the year. Tennessee is known for its adventurous sights and amazing party spots. If you are getting married in Tennessee, you might just book a city tour for your honeymoon. Bachelor’s party is the most awaited event for men. If you are celebrating a bachelor’s party in Tennessee, you are in for a real treat. The entire city is engineered to become a facility for bachelor parties. In fact, every weekend, there is someone’s bachelor’s party going on. 

If you intend to spend your bachelor’s party in Tennessee, here are a few awesome spots: 

Honky Tonky Party Express

Fan of buses and parties? Don’t worry! This party bus will turn your bachelor party into an adventure of a lifetime. The term party bus completely changed its concept after the Honky Tonky Party Express was introduced in the community. You can experience a party bus setting in the open air and relax with your mates while the bus cruises through some of the best and hottest neighborhoods of Tennessee. It was labeled as the ‘Best Party Bus Experience’ by Buzzfeed so, we know that the ride is worth it. Get high, eat your favorite food, and saw some amazing stuff about the groom while the Honky Tonky Party Express cruises its way to awesomeness. 

Party bus
Photo by Brian Jones on Unsplash

Nashville Flyboard 

If exhilarating activities and adventures of a lifetime are your things, then the Nashville Flyboard should be a to-do in your activity list. Recently, the experience of flyboarding has been broadcasted on television. Surprise the groom to be with an experience of a lifetime with a paid trip to the Flyboard. They specialize in bachelor parties as well, so you don’t have to worry whether the place is facilitated enough. Feel like a superhero while tearing the winds and surfing the blue skies of Tennessee. They guarantee an awesome experience to all those who like a little thrill, a little kick in their life. While trusting their word is enough, the reviews make it even more believable!

Music City Indoor Karting 

Forget your regular go-karts because the experience you will have at Music City Indoor Karting is unmatchable. In fact, it will pump up the adrenaline and allow you to feel young one last time before saying your vows. Actually, come back with your partner and have a lifetime memory for your first activity as a married pair. The karts run by electricity, and they can go up to the speed of 40 mph, which is pretty solid. So, take your group and experience what life looks like from a very fast-moving kart. Spend the rest of your evening entertaining your bunch with amusement parks in Tennessee

Jack Daniel’s Distillery 

If the groom loves him some whiskey, then take him to the place that invented the best whiskey in town. Jack Daniel’s Distillery will be the perfect spot. Whiskey is indeed an important part of a bachelor’s party and if you guys are such fans, gift a barrel of whiskey to the most important man of the night! There will be lots and lots for you to share, and the gift won’t get worse. This will be an awesome and memorable gift for the groom, and he will be taking sips from the barrel of whiskey for a long time. 

BATL Axe Throwing 

Photo by Nishant Aneja from Pexels

Feeling a bit manlier than usual? Plan the perfect bachelor’s party at BATL. They opened in the fall of 2017, and since then, there have been competitive parties and events where men (and women) show their strength over their competitors. Now don’t be concerned about food. We all know that the party won’t be completed unless there is some amazing snack bar with alcohol. Fortunately, BATL has a delicious food menu and a licensed bar where the winner can treat his fellows to a victory drink. This can be an awesome choice if your bachelor party group consists of six or more people. 

The Escape Game Nashville 

Not a fan of the usual activities? Or you and your friends simply don’t like risky adventures? Instead of going on an active weekend entertaining yourself and the bachelor party at amusement parks in Tennessee, try playing something that involves your brain. The Escape Game Nashville will allow your bachelor party to team up and solve clues in a locked room? Oh, they are not that simple. The Escape Game consists of different skills like teamwork, leadership, motivation, working under a strict timeline, and problem-solving abilities to find a key that opens the locked door. This activity is more enjoyable if you haven’t hit the booze bar yet. 


Located just 2 miles from Centennial Park lies the Parthenon. It’s exactly a decent version of the historical attraction in Athens, Greece. It was supposed to be a temporary spot, but as it grew popular among people, they decided to keep it! More recommended for gentlemen who want a nice and calm bachelor’s party? You will get to see the housing models and the statues that look just like the original buildings of the era. Leave your family thinking when you went to Greece when all you are doing is hanging out with your boys at the best replica of Greece’s architecture and culture. 


Spring weddings are just perfect, and spring bachelor’s parties are even more amazing. There are plenty of things that you can do to make the groom’s wedding memorable. Whether you are looking for an adrenaline-filled experience, or something calm, you can find many options. Tennessee is the backbone of fun and parties. You can easily find many more options than these to make your bachelor’s party memorable. Just know that there is something for everyone, so pick the place that will make it enjoyable for the entire gang but most importantly – the groom. Also, don’t forget to give him a kick-ass gift.

Featured Photo by John Arano on Unsplash