Time to pick out a new wallet? If you’re the kind of man that approaches this purchase as a basic mindless choice, think again. A wallet is the one thing you carry no matter where you go, or what you wear. It’s extremely personal and could paint a picture of the kind of person you are – chaotic, organized, basic, or enjoy standing out. If you’re rethinking your choice in wallets, here are 6 tips for you to carefully consider to find the right wallet for you.

  1. Gather Your Essentials

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Before you begin picking out a wallet, empty everything in your current wallet and take a close look. Identify the items you need to carry every day, eliminate items you do not need regularly( yes, I am speaking of that library card you haven’t used in years), and gather items you need/ use on a regular basis but couldn’t carry because your wallet doesn’t support it. Based on these items, recognize the number & kind of pockets, size, and thickness that would best suit your everyday carrying needs. Essentially, choose what you want to carry in a wallet before you start picking out the wallet.

2. Think Long Term

Your wallet is quite ill-treated for the value it adds to your life. As an everyday item, carried everywhere – end of the street or a new continent, it’s easy to not pay a lot of attention to how you treat it. Which makes it an absolute essential to put quality on the highest priority over any other factor. Instead of replacing cheap wallets that fall out every few months, invest in a wallet made with the high-quality material. Shop during Myntra Sale to save on your wallet purchase. Avoid flimsy commodity leathers, and carefully consider the style of construction to pick out a winner that will stay with you in the long run.

3. An Extension of Your Personality

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Wallets, like women’s’ handbags, can be as much of a fashion statement as they are functional. While brown and black leather wallets have remained a classic choice, increasing number of brands are churning out fun and quirky designs in colors that pop. Your love for DC heroes or villains, Ricky and Morty, Sherlock, etc can now be expressed through your wallet too!

4. Stick to your style

As it with most styling choices, it can be great fun to step out of your comfort zone and go for something experimental. However, since you carry your wallet every day, it is also essential that it goes with everything wear, and doesn’t stand out as an odd piece of your attire. While you pick a wallet, consider both your regular color pallets and what works with your work culture or your designation.

5. Say No to Bulk

Receipts, bills, visiting cards from people you met 4 years ago and have no intention of meeting ever again, are all regular contents of an ill-treated and bulky wallet. Firstly, a bulky wallet with bills sticking out, no matter how expensive or classy, will look unpresentable and could be easily mistaken for a sign of the owner being an unorganized person. Secondly, sitting on bulky wallets for longs hours could have negative effects on your posture, and health.

6. Check Dimensions

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - 6 Tips To Find The Right Mens Wallet For You

You’ve found the perfect wallet. Right shape, size, construction, design, and functionality. You’ve bought it and its a great day. Except, once you start transitioning to the new wallet and placing your things, turns out, your ID card just doesn’t fit. With international brands and local brands from other countries made available to you ( thank you globalization) mean they were built for ID cards, currency notes, etc of differing sizes. So if you’re shopping in a store, try placing a few items inside the potentially perfect wallet, to make sure they fit in right. If you plan to buy a wallet online, scroll down to the dimensions.

In the sea of options available, we hope that the 6 listed tips to choose the right wallet to help you make a far more informed and educated pick, and you have a long, loving relationship with your future wallet.

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6 Tips To Find The Right Mens Wallet For You
A guide to finding the right men's wallet and sporting it.


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