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5 Tips to renovating your home in 2018

renovating your home in 2018

Home renovations are necessary especially if they are aimed for maintenance or for selling purposes. If you are stuck and don’t know where to begin, here are a few tips to help you renovate your home in 2018;

  • Creating outdoor spaces

According to The American Institute of Architects, 33% of respondents of a Home Designs Trends survey in 2017 said that demand for outdoor spaces had increased by 38 percent. A lot of people are creating more outdoor spaces to serve different purposes while extending comfort outside your house. Some of these include decks, outdoor kitchens, and patios which increase home entertainment and comfort in the outdoor spaces.

  • Repurposing existing space

You don’t necessarily have to add extra square ft. to your property. You only need to repurpose your existing space and this will make your house more livable. Using the existing space and working with it has been a popular trend over the past years. It may mean converting your extra guest room space into a gym or it could be taking down walls for a smooth transitioning. There are just many ways you can remodel your home and create a fresh look.

  • Main floor bedroom

Main floor bedroom

If you have a second-floor bedroom, you may want to add a main floor one. This is because it will not make sense to have it when the kids move out of the house. Without the main floor bedroom, you may find it hard to live in your home and might even sell it as you age to find a more convenient one. A lot of old people move to main floor bedrooms in their house because of safety purposes. Going up the stairs for an old person may pose some serious threats to them.

  • Think through your financing options

You need to look at various financing options and think them through before making a decision. It will save you a lot and will help you get your house renovated quickly because the finances are available. Get all the advice you can about personal finance and making smart decisions. Research wisely on different financial sources and find at least Top 10 Money Lenders for Home Renovation Loans in your city.

  • Maintenance renovations and other updates

These are the renovations you do because of necessity. It may be a leaky roof, a cracked floor or a broken window. For instance, some people lock in their mortgages to lower rates. Eventually, most of the renovations they will need will be more of maintaining the house than changing its appearance. You also need to make updates to your house so that it does not go out of style. Some of these updates include additional finished floor spaces and energy-efficient upgrades which increase your home’s value.

  • Wrap up

There are many different home renovation ideas in 2018 that you can use to make your house more livable or even more sellable. You have to be smart while making these decisions and know if they are for long-term or short-term purposes.

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