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4 Types Of Damages That You Qualify For In Car Accident Injuries


If you are injured in a car accident in Seattle, find here when to seek legal assistance and what you can achieve by filing personal injury claims. You can claim several damages in an injury lawsuit. The legal matters are complex and not easy for a layperson to handle as fluently as lawyers can. Look out for a reputed Seattle personal injury lawyer to represent you.

Your claim includes medical expenses, monetary compensation for your losses, and your pain and suffering. Lawyers know how to document and do paperwork and can calculate the exact amount which you deserve in compensation.

This article focuses on the damages which you can seek after an accident.

Medical expenses

A person may have minor to significant injuries. Sometimes, there can be a permanent disability; sometimes the injuries are not visible, but the consequences are dire and need severe medical treatment. There will be specific diagnoses and medications. Here we have listed some of the common expenses that should be included in your compensation amount:

  1. Physical Diagnosis and treatment
  2. Cognitive therapy if there is a brain injury
  3. Ambulance fees
  4. Doctor’s fees
  5. Disfigurement or permanent disability
  6. Non-medical in-home care

If your physician suggests that you will need additional therapy when calculating your claim, you have to include that as well. Medical records and doctors can help you understand exactly what could be your expense. Your lawyer will be the right person to make a fair assumption and finalize the amount you deserve as compensation.

Pain and trauma

Legally pains and sufferings are referred to as physical or mental distress, and you can include them in calculating your recovery amount. The damages depend on the type of injuries you sustain. Trauma can be emotional or mental, if not physical. Some state law allows plaintiffs to include pain, trauma, and stress in their injury claims as they cause loss of fun in life. Every state doesn’t allow this, so you must talk with a lawyer before filing a case. If it has been a second DUI incident that happened to you, it would be traumatic so ask for advice from second DUI attorneys on the proper steps to make.

Loss of companionship

An injury may affect you in many ways, including your ability to offer spousal duties and shower affection if you are married. Your life will be different if you cannot have the privilege of married life. Like other damages, loss of consortium, lack of ability to show affection, and loss of companionship can be claimed by the spouse, which is included in your recovery amount. If the victim dies due to injuries, then his or her family member may claim for the losses.

Loss of income

After an accident, you may lose earning capacity for a short period or forever. Depending on the severity of your losses, your lawyer can estimate the amount of money you should receive in your claim. An attorney will calculate based on your experience, skill, and how many days of earning loss you have to suffer.

Talk to an injury attorney to discuss your case

After an accident, it is not possible to manage everything, especially the legal aspect. Don’t delay in consulting with good lawyers in your vicinity. If you cannot do it yourself, ask your family or friend to hire a good personal injury lawyer and file a claim.

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