The list of diet options is immense, but it is said that the best way to get someone into shape is through keto dieting. People go on diet for all sorts of reasons. The most common motive is when one has an unhealthy weight and needs to lie low on the pounds. Athletes go on diet when they want to achieve their maximum physical condition. In some cases, people abstain from food when they are aiming for a sexier and more appealing body.

The body would normally get its energy from the carbohydrates it takes in. When one is undergoing a ketosis diet, the body is conditioned to create ketones in the liver, creating a type of energy which will replace the ones being produced by carbs.

This kind of diet is actually a shortened term for ketogenic diet, but it is most popular for the name low-carb diet.

How Does Keto Diet Work?

The Keys to Successful Keto Dieting 1 - The Keys to Successful Keto Dieting

The good thing about eating carbohydrates is that it lets the body produce both insulin and glucose. Compared with all other energy source, glucose is considered as the easiest and fastest to convert into energy. This is probably why people feel much stronger when they consume carbohydrates than if they were eating a different type of food. As glucose turns into energy, insulin helps in transporting it in one’s bloodstreams.

Once glucose is converted into energy, guess what is left inside the body – fats. Since your body has no use for fats, then it gets stored in your system time and again. A person fond of having a high-carb diet will gain weight over time.

By taking a low-carb diet, the body goes into a metabolism state. It is a natural process that the body carries out to aid in the survival of humans when they have low food intake.

This diet is also known as a low-carb and high-fat diet. Instead of turning glucose into energy, the liver undertakes the conversion of fats to strength.

The objective of this diet is to induce the body to be in a metabolism state, not by ridding a person of calories. Rather, it is by abstaining from carbohydrates.

What People Get When They Are In a Keto Diet?

1. Weight Loss

Essentially, what happens when you go on a keto is that your body uses fat as the main source of energy. This means every fat that you consume will just be burned into energy.

It’s just like going on a morning jog or sweating at the gym. The only difference is that instead of shedding fat, it is turned into energy that the body can utilize.

Insulin is a hormone which serves as the body’s storage for fat. When a person goes into a metabolic state, insulin drops significantly. This condition instantly transforms your body into a fat-burner.

Keto diet isn’t just some kind of theory advocated by the perpetrators. As a matter of fact, studies conducted by Hussein M. Dashti et al. illustrate that a keto diet has had a more significant effect on obese patients compared with other types of dieting.

2. It Lowers Sugar Level

Sugar comes from glucose. Glucose, on the other hand, is found on carbohydrates. When carb intake is lessened, sugar level goes down in the process.  The natural readiness of keto to reduce sugar levels is due to the types of food that your body is induced to take.

A scientifically backed study proves that keto diet is capable of lessening the probabilities of a person to suffer from diabetes.

 A person who has recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or is a pre-diabetic is recommended to take keto into consideration while the symptoms are still young.

3. Increased Mental Focus

For some people, mental focus is a part of their daily lives. However, when someone is in too much mental strain, his ability to stay in focus may be affected. He may still have good concentration skills the next day, but his ability will be lessened by a certain degree. In the long run, the effect may be more noticeable.

Fatty acids taken in huge amounts are known to have superior impacts on the brain’s functioning. Just by lessening one’s carb intake, mental focus is already sharpened when blood sugar levels are lowered. Apart from that, ketones are also great for charging up the brain. Together, the effect on your mental performance will be remarkable.

4. Boosts Energy

Carbs may be the easiest molecule to be converted into energy, but they are also the easiest to lose. Eat carbs now, and then a few hours later, the body will already feel worn out.

Fat is a better energy source compared to carbs and will likely give the body a more energized feel all throughout the day.

Some people exercise to burn fat, but others do it simply for the satisfaction. Fat burning makes the body feel more alive. If burning fat can be done through exercise, then converting fat into body energy is far more gratifying. In the long run, keto diet will leave the dieter more productive and energetic.

5. Steers Clear of Acne

Most people find their skin clearer when they take a keto. One study has shown that being an active low-carb dieter can do away with skin inflammation and lesions, while in another study, a connection was built between acne and the increased intake of high-carb foods.

6. Treating of Epilepsy

Have you ever wondered how quack doctors were able to prescribe medication to people suffering from epilepsy back before the term “medical” was even invented? The secret lies in keto dieting.

Keto dieting has been known as a successful remedy for epilepsy ever since the 1900s. Even up to this modern age, there is still yet to be found another cure better than keto dieting.

Preparing to Go Into a Metabolism State

Keto dieting is sort of like driving a vehicle. Before getting the car going, one has to wait for the engine to heat up.

Same with keto dieting, one needs a shift in lifestyle for it to work. The following are the steps that one has to take to go into a successful keto.

  • Master the Basics

First things first. To make keto dieting work, one has to be familiar with the types of food that he is allowed to eat. These are leafy greens, nuts, seeds, sweeteners, meat, high-fat dairy, berries, avocado, above-ground vegetables, and other fats.

On the other hand, it is also vital to learn the types of food that shouldn’t be eaten when on a keto dieting such as starches, sugar, or grains. Anything that has high-carb properties like tubers or fruits are in the no-pile for keto dieting as well.

Keto dieting is a process, meaning to say that a person has to stick with the diet routine to see the efficacy. Sometimes, people end up adhering to the diet for about a month, and then right after that, they go back to their previous eating habits. One will not see any development from keto dieting if the rules are not adhered to.

  • Determine Your Current Weight

Since the whole point of keto dieting is to lose weight, it is important to keep track of the changes of one’s current standing.

Keeping an eye on one’s weight and the pounds that he intends to lose is vital to see if keto dieting is proved to be effective. If not, then the dieter is encouraged to go back to step one and see if there are basic rules that were evaded.

  • Take Snapshots

Part of the preparation process is ensuring that the dieter can monitor the body changes. Since it is difficult to see the transition through a mirror, then it is necessary to have pictures of oneself while one hasn’t started with keto dieting yet.

Picture taking isn’t a one-time thing in keto dieting. It has to be done every other couple of weeks so that comparison can be made easier.

  • Get Rid of All the Food One Isn’t Allowed to Eat

Temptation is the biggest culprit, especially in keto dieting. The level of discipline required of people intending to practice keto dieting is tough to achieve, not to mention difficult to maintain.

The best approach in keto dieting is to rid oneself of all the allurement. Make sure that the house is free from disallowed foods. One may sell them in the public market or donate them to close friends or relatives.

  • Inform Family And Friends About One’s Plan

The biggest source of temptation is friends and family. They don’t do it on purpose. Sometimes, the people closest to one’s heart end up to be one’s greatest tempters even though they only intended to delight the person.

Family or friends won’t tempt one to consume foods that aren’t allowed if they were informed about one’s aim to get into keto dieting.

One’s family and friends can also be a source of encouragement for the dieter. It is difficult to convince oneself to stick with keto dieting. Having one’s close family and friends around to remind the person of his primary intentions can influence the dieter to stay on track.

  • Start Counting Carbs

It is impossible to eat food without carbs. However, one can limit their intake of it. At first, it is natural to feel like slacking off, especially when it comes to being familiar with the keto food pyramid, but it is vital to bear with the struggle because the efficacy of keto dieting relies on the first few phases of the whole procedure.

Keto dieting requires an absolute change in lifestyle. For instance, when going to buy groceries, one must make a habit of using a keto calculator or checking the back portion of each product to check the amount of carbs contained per can.

If one cannot always bring a keto shopping list, then it is important to take note of this. When in keto dieting, one should only consume about 20–30 carbs each day, but the daily dosage recommendation is 20 carbs. Fluctuation in carb intake is alright if one exercises every day since the glucose will be burned in the process.

It is important to be mindful of one’s eating habits in the first few months since that is the phase when one is still getting used to the lifestyle. It only takes one snack to totally ruin the entire plan for keto dieting.

  • Keto Diets in Restaurants

When one meets someone for a lunch or dinner meeting, they sometimes forget that they are in keto dieting.

At home, one has full control of the meal that he consumes, but once inside a restaurant, things can get a little crazy, especially if one has an officemate or friend who keeps on ordering meals that are out of the main keto dieting plan.

At this point, one has to be fixated in the thought of keto dieting. Not only that, one also has to be familiar with the types of food that the dieter should order when in a restaurant. Unless one is absolutely sure that he can go to a keto fast food every single time, then these suggestions may come in handy.

1. For breakfast, always go for eggs. Aside from being good for keto diet, eggs are also rich in protein. A good combination for breakfast would be bacon and scrambled eggs.

2. For lunch, it may be a good selection to go for chicken salad. Just be careful with the dressing. Ask the waiter, if they could keep the dressing on the side. If not, then one may want to switch the dressing for vinaigrette.

3. For dinnertime, meat is always a good option. One may go for steak with broccoli on the side or burger minus the buns. An all-time favorite for ketosis diet is seared chicken breast.

  • Stocking the Fridge With Low-carb Foods

No amount of discipline can make one’s tummy rumbling if it’s looking for food. It is important to have storage of keto snacks and keto desserts so the diet won’t be put at risk when hunger strikes. If one is at work, then it is also vital to keep a pack of low-carb snacks to grab. Here are some suggestions:

  • Peanut butter celery sticks. This used to be every child’s favorite snack time, but one may want to revamp it. One should take 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and 1 tablespoon of cream cheese. Smear a generous amount of Splenda in there, and then one can start spreading or dipping it in the celery sticks.
  • Walnuts or almonds are also a good choice. Anyone going on keto dieting would want these foods to be in their nutritional diet since they carry lots of fats that are essential for someone going on low-carb routine.
  • String cheese and kale chips. This is the best option if one is always out on the road. Just carry these foods with you, and grab a bite whenever one gets hungry.

How to Determine if One Is Already in a State of Keto

The reason anyone would have willingness and dedication to keto dieting is their trepidation to see the results.

One can’t help but ask, “Is it working yet?” Once someone gets into keto dieting, he becomes conscious of his body. One will start looking at the mirror every once in a while to see if there are already changes, to see if keto dieting has worked already.

The changes in one’s body may seem like a good indicator of the efficacy of keto dieting, but in reality, looking at one’s body for signs of improvement will get the person even more confused as ever.

The best way to go about it is to use a ketostix which is available for purchase in any convenience store. What does one do with a ketostix? It is really quite easy. By peeing on the ketostix, the person sees how his ketone levels are doing.

Ketostix is a requirement, especially if one is still working his way to a keto phase. When one is already in metabolism state, then it becomes noticeable. But if the person is just starting out, then it can be impossible to tell unless one can see his ketone levels. Ketostix lets a person do exactly that.

Someone going into keto dieting may want to prevent having a dark purple result in the ketostix testing since it indicates a very high level of ketone in the urine. A healthy result would be between dark pink and light purple.

It is also good to note that one shouldn’t be drinking water right before doing the ketostix testing since it is most likely to give an unreliable test result. That in mind, one also wouldn’t want to get into ketostix testing when one is diluted since it will most probably send the same result as the latter.

Doing the ketostix testing is relatively easy, but here is walkthrough for beginners:

  • Run through the ketostix while one is urinating.
  • Shake the ketostix to get rid of excess urine that may be dripping from it.
  • It takes about 15–20 seconds for the result to come out.
  • There is a color leveling guide on the ketostix bottle. One may compare the result using it.

More Signs That One Is Going Into the State of Metabolism

Nowadays, people are getting fonder of taking shortcuts or gimmicks to reach their goals or destination. That’s a kind of mindset that doesn’t work on keto dieting.

There is only one way to go to reach optimal keto dieting – the rough road. It may take a while for the effects to start sinking in, but once they do, these are the signs that a keto dieter needs to look out for.

  • More Time in the Comfort Room

A good sign that one’s keto dieting efforts are starting to pay off is the need to urinate more frequently.

Some people get agitated when they have to pee more than usual, but this is actually a normal phase for anyone going through keto dieting has to go through.

Since keto is diuretic, anyone engaging in keto dieting will need to pee every once in a while. When one is in keto dieting, the body produces acetoacetate, which has to be released in the form of urine.

  • Mouth Becomes Dry

When a person releases more fluids than usual, then he gets thirty more often as well. Even though increased urination is a good sign for a keto dieter, that doesn’t meant that he should let himself go thirsty.

More time in the bathroom means that he has to drink plenty of water to replace the fluids that he lost in urination.

  • Foul Breath

No need to worry since this is only temporary. When one goes into a keto stage, the body produces acetone emitted in his breath. It may smell like overripe fruit, but the smell is just going to away after some time.

  • Energetic Body

Everyone goes through the keto flu stage wherein the dieter is tempted to go back to his previous lifestyle due to how his body has been feeling ever since he decided to take on keto dieting.

But if one is able to go pass this stage, then the person will start feeling more energetic than ever. What’s more is that he will feel as if he is always full, not the usual scenario when a person gets hungry even when he had just eaten his meal.

Physical Strain

It is a common complaint among first-time dieters, that their physical performance is affected when they go into keto. This isn’t true for the most part.

Remember the keto flu that was just mentioned earlier? This is just a small part of it. One’s body has to adapt to its new energy-production method, which could affect physical performance. But once the person gets past the adapting stage, the effect on your body will reverse. What seemed like physical strain will start to feel like zest, and the person will be more energetic than ever.

Tips to Have a Successful Keto Therapy

  • One Has to Stay Hydrated

When one is in deep keto therapy, the body will be induced to urinate a lot. With the amount of fluids that is excreted from the body, one has to continue rehydrating oneself to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Naturally, keto dieting is a healthy style of living, but if one lets himself get dehydrated, then it is going to have a negative side effect in the long run.

It is recommended that the dieter drinks 32 ounces of water from the time he wakes up and another 32–48 ounces of water before noon time.

Since one will be losing lots of fluids due to the diet, it is encouraged that one drinks water that’s close to his full body weight.

  • Increase Salt Intake

Normally medical experts would recommend people to lessen their intake of sodium since there are many people who are struggling with these issues. Due to that, some people are led to believe that sodium intake is actually a bad thing, when in fact it only becomes detrimental to one’s health when one is fond taking a high-carb diet.

When someone consumes high-carb foods, the insulin level of the person rises. It is good to note that insulin can affect the kidney in a bad way. If one already has a high level of insulin, then consuming salt can make health matters much worse.

However, when someone is on keto dieting, then the body produces lower levels of insulin. In retrospect, the body will need a higher dosage of sodium.

  • Avoid Consuming too Much Protein

People are on a keto are fond of eating too much protein. Normally, protein intake would be a good thing. But when one is in this kind of diet, consuming too much will inhibit the body to convert amino acids into glucose. This means that the person will go back to using carbs to produce energy again. In short, it is going to disrupt the whole keto stage.

  • Keep Stress out of One’s Life

If someone is going through stressful experiences right now, then this isn’t the best time to set keto as a goal.

Stress can set back keto therapy big time. If one is serious about getting into the metabolism stage, then he should engage in activities that can lessen the stress whenever it happens. That way, the intensity of the emotion cannot penetrate one’s keto goals.

What does stress have anything to do with keto therapy? The presence of stress in one’s life can boost the production of stress hormones, which in turn can elevate the level of blood sugar. Once again, the state of keto will be disrupted, and instead of getting energy from fats, the body will extract it from carbs again.

  • Get Enough Sleep

This goes back to stress once again because when a person lacks proper sleep, the body produces an increased level of stress hormones, resulting in the creation of glucose inside the body.

If one desires to be in a state of ketosis, then he has to have full control of his lifestyles. If a person is used to sleeping late at night, then he needs a total change in habits for the diet to take effect. It is essential that a person taking this type of diet to sleep before 11 in the evening. That should give the body enough time to rest and prevent it from producing stress hormones.

Negative Side Effects of Keto Therapy

Anything that is too much can become a bad thing. One has to be cautious when going into keto because if it done incorrectly, then it is ketosis vs. ketoacidosis.

Ketoacidosis occurs when the body produces too much ketones. However, it is pretty rare for someone to need medical intervention when this certain scenario hits them.

The exception is if one is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. If this is the case, then severely high levels of ketone can lead to insulin secretion.

Due to the dangers that come with a keto diet plans, it is recommended that one consults with his personal physician before engaging into this activity.

These are other side effects one may experience during the first few phases of the diet:

  • Cramps

This side effect usually happens in the evening or morning and is usually due to lack of magnesium. There is nothing to worry about here because this phase is completely normal. The pain is just bound to go away soon. To help the body adjust to this new diet, one needs to drink plenty of fluids, as well eat salty foods.

  • Constipation

One of the things people notice about this diet is constipation. It is mainly due to dehydration, which is precisely why people taking this diet is prescribed to drink plenty of fluids since getting into the stage of keto is definitely going to make a person urinate more frequently, thus the loss of fluids.

  • Heart Palpitations

It is part of the whole transitioning phase. When a person goes through these kinds of changes, his body is going to need some time getting used to these changes. The heart palpitation is part of the process.  It is a sign that the body is reacting in a positive way. Faster and frequent heartbeats mean that one’s body is becoming more inclined to doing long and high-intensity workouts.

Anyways, sooner or later, one’s heart beat is going to get back to normal. But in the event that it doesn’t, one may need to consult a doctor about these symptoms.

  • Reduced Physical Performance

Since one’s body has gotten used to using up energy taken from carbs, then one may start feeling a bit less energetic because of the drastic changes in diet. But once the transition from carb to fat diet is complete, the effect is going to reverse, and the dieter will be more dynamic as ever.

Keto dieting is one of the healthiest ways to lessen one’s weight, but just like any other kinds of diet, it requires the cooperation of not only the person doing the diet but also the health condition. With that, it is recommended to always check back with a physician before initiating it.


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