Life In The City With Your Automobile

Life In The City With Your Automobile

Let’s get one thing sorted right away, is it worth purchasing a super car to drive around an urban city? We don’t think so for one basic reason: It would be like buying a horse to ride around your back garden. There is nowhere for you to let it run free. First, there’s the speed limits that immediately put a cap on your power. Then there are the traffic lights, so even if you do find yourself on a stretch of  road with a decent speed limit, as soon as you put your foot down, you’ll have to come to a grinding halt. Of course, it’s not just city life where super cars seem a little pointless. Many people would argue that unless you belong to a track club, you will never get your full money’s worth. This does beg the question, what car or even vehicle, do you want in the city?

A Hot Hatch

Arguably, this is the ultimate car for city life. Something like a Volkswagen Polo is perfect because it is compact enough to be easily parked on busy city streets. You can also turn it around tight corners and that’s not true for an SUV or a sports car. There’s another problem with sports cars too. They tend to have incredibly low suspensions which makes speed bumps an absolute nightmare. Hot hatches on the other hand, can whizz over them. The Polo or the Golf are two of the most popular choices for urban city cars. But, you might want to consider the possibility of not using a car at all. Instead, you can think about something completely different.


Rolling Around On Electric


No, we’re not talking about an electric car because let’s face it, they still take hours to charge and they are quite expensive. Particularly if you’re looking for insurance deals. Instead, you can think about getting an electric bike like an Elektroroller. These devices are pretty cool because they are cheap to purchase, they’re green and they look a little bit like a moped. So naturally,  you’ll find navigating tight busy streets easy and traffic jams will no longer be an issue at all. Then there’s parking. Instead of needing space for a car, you only need about a metre and in some places, you might even be able to park on the pavement.


Living With Insurance

However, if you are buying an automobile for the city, you do need to think about insurance. As you might have guessed, insurance for a car in the city is incredibly expensive. However, there are ways to cheapen the deal. You can rent somewhere that has off street parking or even keep your car in a gated parking lot. You might also want to think about renting your own private garage. Anything like this is going to bring your insurance premium down. Also, you might want to look at some of the cheapest cars to insure available on the market right now.

We hope this helps you navigate city life with your car or whichever vehicle you choose to drive.

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