The Shinder “Tinder-Like” Dating App Where He’s the Only Guy Available

The Shinder “Tinder-Like” Dating App Where He’s the Only Guy Available

One brilliant bloke stacked the odds for landing a Valentines Day date with Shinder; Shed Simove built a Tinder-based dating app where he’s the only man allowed to register. You won’t find Shed chasing women on the street with red roses this Valentines Day.

The Tinder dating app is a pain to use. Okcupid, Bumble, Happn, and even more niche dating apps like Jswipe can be even harder with less available women and men to match with. The odds are stacked against men to find their ideal women on Tinder and other dating apps because quite frankly, the number of men using Tinder far outweigh the women swiping. That’s where Shinder comes in.

Let’s face it, even if you are a fortunate enough man to match with a sexy, smart, and beautiful woman on tinder, you’re still probably not getting laid according to Martin Mondo who wrote a paper “A New Standard of Sexual Behavior? Are Claims Associated with the ‘Hookup Culture’ Supported by Nationally Representative Data?”. Martin writes that hookup culture is dying with college students having less sex and less sexual partners before Tinder, Shinder, and other dating apps were created.

Shed Simove must have read plenty of studies or used common sense to understand that most women on Tinder only swipe right for guys they really like. Men will practically swipe right to any moderately attractive woman. Shed Simove understands that the odds are stacked against him and created Shinder just days away from Valentines Day to jokingly fool women by narrowing the field of men available to just one.

Shinder’s dating app founder, Shed Simove, self-describes himself as a “performer, entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker.” He claims that  “when an idea pops into your head, it can send you on amazing adventures – if you follow the idea through…”.


This jokester has previously wrote What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex—a book with 200 blank pages—and another called Fifty Shades Of Gray, which is simply 200 blank pages in varying shades of grey.
All joking aside, these books might help you if you’re looking for a real date from Tinder this Valentines Day.



Do you think any women will sign up for Shinder to land a date with Shed Simove?

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