A Gentleman’s Guide to Fall Style, With Tips From The Best-Dressed Men In Country Music

A Gentleman’s Guide to Fall Style, With Tips From The Best-Dressed Men In Country Music

When you think about style and Country music, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For us, it’s the classics: cowboy hats, flannels, jeans, and of course- boots. But, as styles and trends are constantly changing, men’s fashion in the Country music genre does not fall short to the progression. Now, more than ever, representing yourself as an individual is not only respected, but encouraged. Guys in Country music—on all ends of the spectrum—continue to prove that they can don more than the obvious cowboy hat and still be taken seriously to achieve success.

Many say that confidence leads to success, so give yourself an edge and get ready to kick off the fall season by dressing sharp and feeling good about the way you look. Whether it be a fall wedding, business meeting, tailgating before the game or a date night, take notes from the books of a few of the best-dressed guys in the South and impress your colleagues, friends and significant others. Check out their takes on fall styles below.

Fall Parties – Canaan Smith

Like You That Way singer, Canaan Smith (right), and his wife, Christy, are an example of a #powercouple with an effective style. Don’t be afraid to mix and match: pairing mixed textures, like velvet or suede, with complementing prints and fabrics can create a sophisticated combo.



Business Professional Brett Eldredge

Brett Eldredge (and Edgar the dog) are making waves in the Country music scene. Brett has a hit new

self-titled album and a top-notch look to match. He’s not afraid to venture away from the classic Country fashions in his style choices, with 2 modern spins on the classic business suit, including: tapered trousers, a deconstructed-style coat, plus a trendy bowtie.



Tailgating – Levi Hummon

Son of Grammy award winning songwriter, Levi Hummon knows how to celebrate with the best. The on-the-rise artist rocks a classic button-down and jeans at his pre-game celebrations, and he makes this timeless look his own with the messy rolled-up sleeves and exposed chest. Take it from Levi, “Don’t Waste the Night ” on sub-par style, when you can update your look from home using staple items you already have.


Date Night – Jacob Davis

Whether it’s a weekend concert or dinner and a movie, step up your casual dress game and impress bae with a tip from trendsetter Jacob Davis. Jacob pairs his denim jacket and jeans together the right way, and his look radiates effortless style. The “What I Wanna Be” singer’s simple sharpness is exactly what we wanna be this fall. When wearing denim-on-denim, go for a darker wash jean, even black, to avoid a 90s-style matching misfortune. Pair a printed cotton tee with a loose jacket, and you’re set.



Wedding Attire – Cole Swindell

If you take away anything from Cole Swindell’s style, it should be originality. As his seventh No.1 single makes history in the music industry, the “Flatliner singer is breaking traditional molds in terms of his style choices as well. Cole adds personal flair to all aspects of his career as an artist, not excluding his fashion at formal events. He trades in the traditional cowboy hat for a snapback, and incorporated this signature style into his look at the 2017 ACM Awards. Take a note from Cole that it’s okay to “break the laws” of formal attire if the overall look ties together, and you too can kick off the path to success on the right foot.

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